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Innovation: Vital Force of Civilization

  • Need to pay attention to innovation in the marketing industry
  • Need to pay attention to innovation in the marketing industry
  • Need to pay attention to innovation in the marketing industry
  • Need to pay attention to innovation in the marketing industry
  • Need to pay attention to innovation in the marketing industry
Need to pay attention to innovation in the marketing industry

AAV Innovation Center; Partner of Businesses in the Field of Technology

The inaugural ceremony of the “AAV Innovation Center” was held in the presence of senior executives of the dnaunion group and managers of companies and brands in different fields of the industry. The participants in the ceremony were all influential individuals from domestic and foreign accredited companies operating in Iran, who exchanged views in a sincere gathering on “the need to pay attention to innovation in the marketing industry”.

Nasser Pashapour-Nikoo, Managing Director of the dnaunion group, speaking at the opening ceremony said: “AAV is a completely Persian name meaning water. We, in the dnaunion, believe that each person is like a hidden and talented seed in the soil, and it is enough to flourish it by giving it water. These seeds and people will make the future: A future that is tied to innovation and no other factor, other than innovation, can guarantee the future of business. Innovation has changed the world of brands in the past decades. Innovation in the marketing industry has changed the arrangement of the branding logos and has entered new brands into international business arena.

Since 1990, businesses have sensed the digital sparkles into their field of activity. The year in which the Web 1 movement was started and will be continued up to the year 2030 when it will reach the Web 5 level. Our world today is in the middle of digital transformation, and digital has transformed the business landscape. Such developments have several important characteristics: First, the possibility of establishing massive communication between individuals or individuals with objects. Such developments in the marketing industry have not only increased the number of communication providers, but rather according to the forecasts more than 5 billion people by the year 2022 would be connected to an average of 5.3 communication devices. Meanwhile, content will continue to preserve its power in the course of these developments. The content is a kingdom in history that will never lose its credibility. But in the course of these developments, the content will be put at the disposal of those who define and present a new value for it. Such people will generate endless information and data out of the content.

From the content that is the source of everything, after the data analysis, patterns of people are identified. In such an atmosphere, personal data has no longer any meaning and information about people is defined in the form of patterns. Patterns will play a more significant role in predicting the future and reacting more quickly to the events. Therefore, in the future world, people will no more wait for an event to happen and then they make a decision and react to that event. They make the decision sooner based on the behavioral patterns which have been determined earlier. Behavioral patterns are constantly changing and should be flexible as there is the possibility that yesterday’s views of people will be different from their views today. “The need to pay attention to innovation in the marketing industry” was the focus of this discussion.

Such a process will make everyone to have a personal network for themselves. Such networks will affect not only the marketing industry but also all the businesses. Businesses and the marketing industry should also operate in line with such networks. Furthermore, in such a space, people’s information is moved by powerful businesses like Facebook and so on and those active in this field will share the information with each other. Such information helps that businesses and those active in marketing gain a better understanding of consumer behavior and identify a new level of consumer behavior.

Developments in the marketing industry do not merely include human beings and individuals, rather they will include products as well. The businesses can no more produce a product and leave it in the market unchanged for many years. Products tailored to the needs of consumers should be changed. In this case, the science of the marketing industry should also have a quick response to the needs of the consumers. In the market research, researchers need to look at what’s going to happen rather than what’s happening. Advertising has undergone changes as well and should be flexible and act fast. Time has passed for receiving a briefing from the customer and after a few months start implementation. The customer needs advertising agencies to offer solutions within a few hours and in line with their strategy. In the field of advertising media related to the marketing industry many changes have been made and the mass advertising has lost its meaning and has become more personalized. Measuring campaigns will be subject to significant changes and advertising companies have quick access to the possibility to assess the implementation campaigns.

Such developments have created an ecosystem known as the marketing and advertising industry ecosystem in the world. Over the past 15 years, seven thousand businesses have started operating in this ecosystem. Some of these seven thousand businesses are worth more than billions of dollars.”

Pashapour-Nikoo continued by reviewing innovation developments in the marketing industry and digital developments in Iran and said: “Iran has been no exception to these developments, and willingly or unwillingly businesses have been placed in the digital stream. Older people surely remember that in the not too distant past, taxis were operating in Tehran known as the call taxi the operation of which was so weak that caused the growth of car agencies. After the car agencies, Siro Safar (Vacation & Travel) entered the working area but all of these businesses did not take a right path and did not think about the future; if they had grown through digitization, the Snap and Tapsi were their right. Also, if the chain stores had worked properly, they should have now launched the Digikala. Many examples of this kind can be recalled.

The present businesses in the market should learn a lesson from traditional business practices and should not let innovation in the marketing industry pass them behind easily. Innovation does not pass easily and if a business does not pay attention, it will be ignored. Benjamin Franklin says: “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”

Therefore, under such circumstances, creation of an innovation center like that of AAV was necessary and urgent. The AAV Innovation Center has been launched with an aim to offer counseling to businesses, bringing innovation in the marketing industry, designing technology and communications, and for upgrading the marketing services in Iran to a new level. The AAV Innovation Center aims to help develop the marketing services of the Iranian companies by using technology-based solutions and talents of the Iranians. The center is planning to accompany brands to reach the next generation in their field of activity. The AAV Innovation Center, in addition to the dnaunion companies, can serve all brands operating in Iran, government agencies and NGOs, and media and advertising companies.

Three important factors contribute to the success of the AAV Innovation Center in the evolution of the marketing industry:

1) The process implemented in the AAV Innovation Center is different from the process that traditional businesses have taken so far. The process implemented at the AAV Innovation Center will be based on the innovation and technology of the day.

2) Different methods and methodologies provided by the consultants who have been active in the field of innovation and technology for years and have gained brilliant achievements.

3) Teamwork of the people present at the AAV Innovation Center, the people who are dominant over the application of modern technology tools with a new look. The process implemented at the AAV Innovation Center and those who are active there will ensure the success of the Center.

The opening ceremony of the AAV Innovation Center in the marketing industry was held in the presence of distinguished personalities like Fereydoun Kourangi, MAPS CEO at New Enterprise East Investments; Shayan Shalileh, Technical Advisory Board; Jamshid Alamuti, Pi School Founder, Catalyst, Transformer, Disruptor; Russell McCoy, Brand Building, Insights and Strategy Consultant, and Simon Kornberg Creativity Director, Business Skills Facilitator.

In conclusion, I should say we are making efforts to run and introduce the four startups of Hiperad, Hipermail, FRONTIER, and AVESTA. As a result, the AAV Innovation Center is a new partner that will accompany the businesses in the field of innovation and technology.


Crossing the Innovation Road in Marketing Industry

Another speaker at the ceremony, dnaunion Technical Advisory Board Shayan Shalileh, said: “The powerful and big companies in the world have attracted startups and creative and young teams into their business for years and use them to solve their challenges. Such a method has been implemented in the world since the beginning of the emergence of startups. An ecosystem has taken shape in this area, and large companies have begun making investment in this regard. This is not the only method that companies refer to for the implementation of technology and innovation in the marketing industry. The AAV Innovation Center is another solution with the help of which the businesses can turn their problems into a new product or improved product. The AAV Innovation Center by implementing modern methodology and methods and experts teams will help companies to solve challenges and problems they are facing with for a long time through innovative methods: Problems that after being solved will turn into new products of the businesses. In the meantime, solving some of the problems will help improve the performance of the old products. Innovation in the marketing industry is one of those innovative solutions. Some big companies are working very hard on the path of innovation, and therefore may not be able to enter into areas that are of great importance for the economy, the AAV Innovation Center will help such companies to pass the course of innovation and technology more comfortably and with innovative and better ideas.

Challenge of Complexity & Its Solution with Innovation in Marketing Industry

Fereydoun Kourangi, MAPS CEO at New Enterprise East Investments, said: “All the businesses of the world today are faced with the challenge of complexity. In the present world, the challenge of complexity is on the rise exponentially. How to deal with complexity is a subject on the basis of which businesses measure their growth. Nature has created a mechanism in all human beings for facing complexity. Human evolution will be based on such a mechanism: A mechanism that consumes the most calories in the body. Unfortunately, societies that have not yet recognized that with the mechanism of innovation can they stand against such complexity are copying other models: Copying models of those who have found a mechanism to deal with the complexity. In Iran, use of models has priority over reaching the conclusion from the models. The marketing industry needs a fundamental evolution.

In today’s world, we are faced with the challenge of transformation and changing of the data. In order to solve this challenge, one cannot face only one model. Throughout the globe, they have come to the conclusion that by putting together innovation and creativity such a challenge can be solved.

The AAV Innovation Center has taken an important step for solving this challenge: A step forward for the marketing industry which, despite its old age, is still in its infancy in Iran, and has a long way to go. Companies are in need of innovation for moving forward. They cannot stay in the industry without competitive advantage. If businesses today are not looking for innovation, surely other businesses will take their place.”

Kourangi added: “The digital world is looking for creating new demands and is not after solving the problem of need. The problem of need has been solved in the contemporary world. The digital world identifies new demands with the use of macro data and high-speed data processing and with such tools as artificial intelligence. Such demands are called behavioral patterns. Today, all are after matching behavioral patterns with the personal DNA of the individuals. Innovation in the marketing industry requires smart solutions.

The ecosystem of innovation and value-creating ecosystem have created self-confidence in the Iranian youth that is very constructive. Young people with the same self-confidence for businesses define their competitive advantage and solve their great challenges. Therefore, businesses are forced to support innovation and they can no longer look at innovation as a factor that gives them competitive advantage or increases their margin of profit. Businesses with innovation will have vigilant market and customers that will allow them to identify new demands.

Businesses and those involved in the marketing industry will sooner or later fail if they do not upgrade their domains of innovation. Businesses should use innovation and creativity that would enable them to enter into the next stage of their activity. AAV Innovation Center will render great help to the country’s advertising and marketing industry and will provide a suitable platform for the growth of talented young people who are interested in this field. By continuously supporting and collaborating with the AAV Innovation Center, businesses can turn it into a platform for successful collaboration of industry and technology.

It should be noted that the ceremony was held at the reception hall of the AAV Innovation Center. Also, people attending the ceremony, after various examinations, entered into a new round of collaboration with the AAV Innovation Center.