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​ A dnaunion Yalda Get-together

Yalda is an excuse to be together, to gather together, chat and laugh. It is an occasion to read Divan-e Hafez, smell Narcissus and the many other excuses most of us would not try to make on a regular day of life. But Yalda is a different story! On this night you must do something to refresh your soul.

Members of the dnaunion group of companies too along with the happyunion group celebrated Yalda and made a night memorable for their colleagues.

Each company organized attractive events in a friendly atmosphere for their colleagues. Some of these companies on the morning of Yalda night invited their colleagues to a hot breakfast and commemorated Yalda in a lovely environment.

Some of the companies presented a pot of ornamental shrubs of pomegranate to the audiences as a commemoration: A pot the fruit of which reminds one of the Ahura night of Yalda. Yet another company invited colleagues from other companies to attend a small party held on the occasion. This provided an opportunity for the colleagues who had not seen one another for a long time to meet and chat. The invitees also received a beautiful candlestick in the shape of pomegranate with a bunch of Roses and Narcissus flowers.

Another dnaunion company asked its staff to dress in red (a symbol of the company logo)  and get together at a specific time. The company CEO read poems from Divan-e Hafez on behalf of the staff. After holding a small celebration, the participants received some gifts.

A few days before Yalda, one company had prepared containers filled with nuts and pomegranates plus an invitation placed on the desks of the staff. They were invited to a city café the next day where they had breakfast and played exciting games. After celebrating the event and taking some group photos, these colleagues also left with some good memories.


In the meantime, a company invited colleagues to a cozy place ornamented with traditional and old decorations. The staff were wearing traditional and old clothes to mark Yalda this year. During the ceremony, the CEO urged his colleague to whisper the famous song “You Are My Yalda”.

In this way, another memorable Yalda was marked at dnaunion group of companies with the help of everyone!