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Sustainable Progress in the New Course with Certuis

Decoding of Personalities by Profiling

One of the dreams of those active in the field of advertising and marketing is that customers would accept their ideas and pay the bill without requesting any change or objection. It would be better if those active in the field put aside such unreal imaginations and sought a way for being of the same mind with the customers.

One solution to this problem is to take the profiling course and identify personality of the customers prior to the first encounter; a case that is very influential and if it is dealt with an appropriate behavior, the rest of the course will not be so hard to take.

The AAV School has decided to help members of the dnaunion group by holding a specialized profiling course in order to train them to establish more effective communication with the people. The attractive course is held by the School each year and has had great impact in forging relations with the people. The course is held with an aim of getting familiarized with different personality types and teaches the participants how to treat the audience with regard to their characters.

Familiarity with profiling will help people to easily impress the opposite side or even sometimes change their line of thinking. Dr. Mohammad Mousavi reminded the participants during the course that people can be categorized in four groups: body copy, headline, logo and illustration. In this classification, people in each group would have a series of common characteristics based on which they are expected to have the same behavior in dealing with the people.

In continuation of the course, he talked about details of these common characteristics and told the participants what methods they could apply in attracting the attention of the people with regard to such characteristics. Now imagine how sweet it was when the participants in the course noticed that impressing people is much easier than what they thought.

The course was not confined to training; on the final day the participants were told about personal characteristics and were asked to predict and implement the behavior trend towards those personalities. The participants who had been divided into four groups, through planning and cooperation started to conduct personality analysis as they had already been acquainted with.

The positive point was that all of them had guessed the personality type correctly. This proved the usefulness of the training course for the participants. At the end of the training course, the group with the best performance was praised as the winner.