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Certius, International Marketing Consultant: A New Member of dnaunion Large Group

AAV Marketing School: Workshop for DMN Company

In continuation of the activities for updating knowledge of the staff of dnaunion group, AAV educational school held a three-day BTL workshop lectured by Murat Akan for DMN company.

Murat Akan is one of the founders of DMN. Akan, who is an expert in BTL advertising, said below the line (BTL) advertising strategy had made ever-increasing growth in the past years and this type of advertisement was highly important due to its capability of regulating customer loyalty and close relationship with social networks.”

Enumerating topics of the course, Murat Akan said the main issue discussed in this course was the relationship between BTL advertisement and other sections and observing the bigger picture, i.e. the integrated marketing communications (IMC) and this course would be held in the two theoretical and applied sections.

In the theory section, he said, the participants would become acquainted with the principles of advertising and the updated samples of other countries and in the applied section with the review of a number of exemplary cases they would proceed to writing the proposals.

Commenting on the course, Managing Director of DMN Pooya Ghaznavi, says: “The DMN is a specialized company for holding courses in the field of BTL activities.

Our company has made outstanding growth in terms of the number of its staff and the projects carried out in the past few years.

In this course, we have tried to fully familiarize the young team of the company with the history and activities of DMN and prepare the ground for their further acquaintance and cooperation with each other. Also, in this course it is expected that the staff of the company view BTL activities within the large integrated marketing communications (IMC) puzzle and while getting familiar with different advertising channels strengthen their team work capabilities by implementing a full project.”

Director of the Strategy Department of DMN Farshard Mahmoudi says: “One of the reasons behind holding the course is to bring the thought of the company staff closer together.

This is expected to be fulfilled in this course; in the theoretical section, by getting familiar with the basic marketing issues of BTL concept as well as reasons behind creation of this type of advertising, getting acquainted with the customer’s concerns and knowing the marketing concepts; on the whole, increase of knowledge and awareness of the staff for optimal performance of the DMN activities.

In the applied section, all the staff regardless of their position and status in the company would start preparing proposals in order to keep them abreast of the process of implementation of a project – from the beginning up to the end.”

Speaking about the course, Setareh Alirezaeifar, Manager/Director of the Executive Department of the DMN projects, says: “Before talking about the course, I should say that I am happy that I am working in a company which pays high attention to the level of knowledge of its staff. Participation in this course was a very good opportunity to become acquainted with new concepts that knowing them will give me useful ideas in the implementation of practical projects of DMN. One of the attractions of the practical section of the course was that disregard of the type of the activity in DMN, we were spread in the teams and we all participated in writing the proposals in order to fully understand the scenario of a project.”