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Creative Thinking: Creative Connections

Sometimes a large number of people in advertising companies spend hours to create a creative idea but the end result is an empty idea. The reason for their failure is that they take a wrong direction in order to reach creativity.

The AAV School of the dnaunion group by holding a specialized workshop under the theme “Creative Thinking: Creative Connection” recently tried to show a much easier direction for reaching creativity to the activists at its subsidiary companies. In this specialized workshop it was said that each individual in their life need creativity in order to accomplish different affairs and therefore should learn creative thinking.

The participants with the help of the lecturer practiced different methods in the workshop — methods with the help of which people could implement their subjective ideas within certain outlines. The more the ideas of the people the higher would be the chances for selection. Also in this workshop examples of famous commercials were discussed for better understanding of the points.

The workshop was organized mostly for the participants to practice creative thinking and no one was expected to hold a campaign or do a specific activity after the workshop. Furthermore, it was reminded to the participants at the workshop that creativity is not confined to an individual in the agency and that all the people can be creative. Of course, there are standard methods for reaching creativity and people by knowing those methods would raise the chances of their success. Such methods would help creative people to easily recognize better ideas from among a host of ideas.

Another important point that was discussed in the workshop was lack of judgment by the people. In fact, the participants were told that they should not judge their colleagues and the ideas they raise and that the atmosphere of creativity should be open for all. The creative space is not confined to a specific unit in an agency; rather the other members can participate in the process as well. If people use a standard process for projecting their ideas they could put their ideas at the disposal of the customers with greater self-confidence. The customers would have greater satisfaction under such circumstances.

Proposed Feedbacks

The workshop has been useful for those active in the idea processing, the customers and the creativity department. The echo of the usefulness of this program has been reflected in the feedback of the customers. On this basis, a number of participants in the workshop were interviewed.

One of the participants in the workshop said: “Distinguishing between issues of creativity and innovation was the most important point I gathered from this workshop. The fact that creativity is not a complicated subject and it is not necessary for people to have comprehensive information about different subjects and also people for being creative need to soundly merge different information together. In the workshop, it was said that in the first stage of idea processing there is no need for all the ideas to be interrelated and all the participants should express what comes to their mind and there is no limitation in this regard. With respect to what we had learnt, an exercise was done during the course; the exercise was very interesting for me as in our group the record of 80 ideas within seven minutes was registered. Also, the course taught us what rule of creativity should be applied at a specific time. The interesting point about the workshop was applicability of the issues raised during the course. As someone who does not work directly in the creativity department, this workshop was useful and remarkable and changed my outlook towards the idea processing sessions.”

Another participant said: “As someone who is active in the customers department, I found the workshop to be interesting. Because, until then I had not looked at the idea processing meetings as was discussed in this course. My feeling was that people in the idea processing meetings shoulder the responsibility of proposing ideas and I have only to undertake my responsibility. But in this workshop I realized that all the people in the idea processing meetings should be active and propose ideas. I feel that after this workshop I would have a better cooperation with the creativity department of the agency of my working environment.”

Another participant noted: “I had some information about the points raised in the workshop and reviewing them was useful for me. After the workshop I would further expand the information I collect and use them in a better way. The group activity in this workshop was among interesting points. It was an activity in which we practiced offering creative ideas.”

Another participant from the creativity department of one of the subsidiary agencies of the dnaunion group said: “Good points were raised in this workshop. The fact that creativity is a group work and within a short period of time one can achieve creative ideas was interesting. Presence of different people from different sections of the agencies in this workshop was also interesting; because it would result in achieving good outcomes in future. Applicable points were raised in this workshop which would affect the outcomes of the idea processing meetings.”

In conclusion, it should be noted that the two-day workshop was held in the month of Tir (June/July) in the current year.