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Cooking Oil Sales Plummet in Iran

Sales of culinary oil in Iran plummeted 13% during the two months between July 22 and September 21 compared to the two-month period ending on July 21, market research arm of the dnaunion family reports.

A member of the dnaunion family, the emrc has surveyed the Iran culinary oil market in 24 major cities. For this survey, culinary oils are grouped into two categories of ‘fats’ and ‘oils.’ Oils are liquid at room temperature, whereas fats are in solid form at room temperature.

During the two-month period sales of fats dropped 39% compared to the earlier period. This is while the sales of oils declined 10%. It also merits mention that during the same period culinary oil prices hiked 9% in Iran.

Furthermore, the share of fats in the market dropped to 43%, registering an eight percentage point decline.

This report is part of a series which are tailored to help companies boost their profitability. By offering detailed market research services, the emrc enables its customers to forge data-driven strategies that can ensure their long-term sustainable growth.