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DMN: Designer of Digikala Online Shopping Festival

Digikala on the last days of December, held an event called “Iranian Online Shopping Festival”. The design and implementation of this great event has been carried out by the DMN – A Brand Experience Agency.

The celebration of online shopping and this great event were held at Parsian Azadi Hotel to outline Digikala-brand product programs, with the participation of brand managers and 150 guests. Also in this event, the fourth competition of Digikala Mag top products cup (December 3-10) entered its executive stage.

This competition provided a good platform for reflecting Iranians’ outlook about the most popular brands and products that were offered at Digikala last year. Earlier, we had the end of the year celebration of the dnaunion group and the exciting ride on a New Year balloon and this time the Digikala online shopping became a memory.

Online shopping festival was held in a competition between 9 groups. Participating groups included the leading home appliances manufacturer, the leading supermarket and foodstuff brand goods, the leading apparel and accessories brand, the most affordable mobile handset, the best flagship smartphone, the most creative innovation in consumer electronics, the best video game of the year, the most successful company in the field of digital technology and the most interesting Persian electronic book was held.

It should be noted that in the competition and online shopping festival out of the nine groups some brands were honored by giving them statutes. The drawing ceremony of this innovative event and online shopping festival had a different and interesting design.

The DMN-Brand Experience Agency had designed various sections for the event, for example, a digital game for journalists present at the ceremony. This game was designed precisely according to the scope of Digikala product marketing and by taking into account the goals of this brand. All the elements used in this event were designed based on Digikala’s visual identity. The event received significant feedback from Digikala brand managers and the rest of the participants. Regarding the feedbacks, the online shopping festival has had a significant impact on the release of the amazing Yalda 97 message and more sales on that occasion.

Digikala executives announced at the online shopping festival that Digikala will release a report for the first time, titled “Digikala Record” in a near future. This report is based on the online shopping behavior of consumers and provides an overview of the tastes of Iranians in purchase of various goods. The report also includes information and statistics such as bestselling brands in various product groups, peak shopping times and best-selling products of the year.