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Eshareh to Co-op with Cheetoz for Their New Advertisement Project

Eshareh Creative Solutions and Cheetoz have started cooperating since the beginning of the new Persian year. Eshareh is going to design and implement advertising activities for both the familiar and new Cheetoz products. The following is our interview with the Cheetoz Customer-relations manager Kamyar Zolfaghary, and Farzad Torkamany the Cheetoz advertising project manager from Eshareh.

Please tell us about the Eshareh and Cheetoz cooperation process.

Farzad Torkamany: Eshareh-Cheetoz cooperation has started since the beginning of the new Persian year. Cheetoz is a very well-known brand in the market, offering numerous products in various market sections. Due to the nature of their products and the close competition in their fields of activity, Cheetoz has been constantly active in advertisement, especially in TV commercials. Consequently, the brand name has stayed in the consumers’ minds leading to more market share. In their new advertising activities, we have tried stay loyal to the brand communication strategy and keep the passionate atmosphere alive, yet we have also attempted to add new creative ideas.  

Kamyar Zolfaghary: Our cooperation with Eshareh involves many projects, some of these projects have been published or broadcasted on TV, and the rest remains to be presented to the target audience.

Considering the present challenges and the target audience, various communication channels have been used in the new advertisement projects. Besides introducing the new products, familiar and popular products are also represented to the audience.

Farzad Torkamany: The TV commercials present the old familiar names such as Cheetoz Motori snack, Popcorn, Chee Pellet, Cheetoz chips, and also new products like Cheeflex and Mr. Fish. 

Regarding products such as Cheetoz Motori snack, Popcorn, and Chee Pellet, the previous communication channels were re-used. For the Cheetoz potato sticks, however, a new approach was used.  As a result, the stop-motion technique was employed to display the various uses of the product in a different and more attractive way. A different strategy was used for the chips products, therefore, while the new commercial puts more emphasis on the chips products and displays their uses in various situations, the atmosphere of the old commercials is preserved.

Tell us about the Mr. Fish product, please.

Kamyar Zolfaghary: Considering the newness of the product and its ways of consumption, the commercial tries to communicate its differentiating and memorable aspects to the target audience. Consequently, the narrative characters go through a new experience when they confront Mr. Fish. An experience that somehow fades away when Mr. Fish goes away. In the TV commercials, this experience moves from one character to another. This approach emphasizes the Mr. Fish product distinctions. The tag-line “You will fall in its net” has been designed for these series of commercials. The tag-line associates the product name Mr. Fish and also its fish-like form. It implies that the consumers having eaten the first piece ‘will fall in its net’ and will eat the whole bag of snack.

Kamyar Zolfaghary: Mr. Fish outdoor advertising(OOH) has been designed according to the TV commercial, thus the synergy between the TV commercial and the outdoor advertising is utilized to achieve a more integrated message communication. The message ‘You will fall in its net’ is therefore used in this area as well.  

In the new Cheetoz advertisement, besides loyalty to the brand strategy and the use of ATL media such as TV and OOH, special plans have been designed for the digital platforms. These material will gradually be presented to the audience.

What are your activities regarding the Cheeflex product?

Farzad Torkamany: Cheeflex is the new Cheetoz breakfast cereal product which is mainly used in the mornings and for the breakfast meal. About the communication activities to launch this product I can tell that the emphasis is put on consuming this product with the family, at the same time, it has been tried to introduce Cheeflex as a product which leads to having ‘a good day’. Since the product belongs to a section of breakfast products, and more products from this section are going to be launched in the future, we needed to use an idea that had the potential being extended for future use. For that reason, we focused on the sound element using a sound that keeps repeating to the audience in the commercials. This is the sound of shaking the product package. This sound idea can be extended to other products and commercials. The characters in the commercials are somehow conditioned to hearing this sound and are reminded about the products as they hear the sound. The tagline for this product is “What makes a good day”. The commercials of this product were launched early in the September which is the school opening month.

Please tell us about the advertisement process of products such as Cheetoz chips family.

Kamyar Zolfaghary: To achieve maximal product exposure to the audience, special signatures were designed for chips and Cheetoz Motori commercials, and the broadcasting plan became more comprehensive. The maximal target audience exposure to the regular chips product was subsequently aimed at. The famous Cheetoz character who rides a bike was selected as the signature of the Cheetoz Motori product, and the well-known “A delicious bite” tagline has been successful in communicating the message to the audience. 

Farzad Torkamany: The outdoor advertisement of the brand products, such as Cheetoz Crunchy snacks and Mr. Fish, was also a target. Considering the limitations of the OOH advertisement method, a more creative approach was taken in advertising these products. Not only the previous Cheetoz advertisement theme was used, but new attractive visual aspects were also added. The image displays the Cheetoz character holding a torch similar to the Indiana Jones movies. The torch is a reminder of Cheetoz Crunchy and its hot peppery taste. The used tagline was “A hot fiery adventure” which again associates adventure movies.