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In Face of Coronavirus Crisis emrc to Fulfill Its Commitments

The outbreak of the COVID 19, is not a one-dimensional issue but affects different aspects of life, including businesses.

During these difficult times, all businesses are looking for effective ways by which they could survive the crisis.

The emrc, too, has as its aim to fulfill the responsibilities it shoulders as powerful and as committed as ever.

Based on meticulous planning the dnaunion subsidiary has postponed all activities that can be held after the crisis and has scheduled for them to take place when everything goes back to normal.

Meanwhile, the emrc has unwavering commitments to its customers. Abiding by health principles and protocols the emrc will meet its commitments in due time.

As one of the most creditable companies active in market research in Iran, the emrc provides accurate information on the market and makes them available to all kinds of businesses. Therefore, the role of this company as a guide to businesses is of paramount importance. The emrc is committed to fulfilling this role under any circumstances.