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Lemon: A Powerful Comeback!

Lemon is one of the most famous companies within the dnaunion group which is known by many businesses as a professional company for making teasers. But, recently the company has changed the approach of its activities and by taking firm steps is advancing in the Iranian advertising industry. The company has defined long-term goals and is moving forward with full force for their realization.

Lemon is currently an experiences marketing agency which by taking advantage of an expert team, believes that a good memorable personal experience can turn a consumer into a permanent, loyal and brand supporter client in such a way that through well-designed, firm and strong mechanisms in the field of brand experience, involves the customer and brings a spark into the minds of the audience for talking about the brand and its long-term impact. The Lemon Company, considering the growing needs of Iran’s advertising marketplace, has decided to introduce new activities in the field of brand integration and real life experience.

The Lemon Company in the dnaunion group offers the following services:

– Planning, managing, and implementing a variety of events and activation projects

– Designing, printing and producing all kinds of promotional items

– Planning and implementing sampling, merchandizing, promotion and specialized guerrilla marketing

– Designing, making and implementing advertising and exhibition structures

– Designing and implementing digital projects

Also, the Lemon team has the readiness to conduct 360-degree creative campaigns together with innovation from ideation to implementation. In this respect, Lemon has launched a widespread and important campaign for the Mellat Bank: A campaign that has come up with numerous feedbacks from the audience and many have evaluated it as a new activity in the advertising industry.

Lemon’s message to the customers is that since the company has started its activity, it has showed its ability to offer advertising services, and hence it expects cooperation and offering wider services to the customers.

Lemon is expanding its range of activities for which opening a new office with an independent and private building and modern design and decoration is essential. Because, offering 24/7 services at this level to the customers require a lot of time and facilities, and the office environment should also be in line with the views of a creative and modern advertising team.