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Nestle Iran’s Nowruz Gift Reflects on Light and Hope

Nowruz heralds light and hope. Aiming to convey a message of light and hope in its Nowruz New Year gift, Nestle drew upon Iran’s rich cultural trove. A mirror, traditional Golo Morgh (Flower & Bird) Persian miniatures, and an album by Iranian musician Fardin Khalatbari, these were elements included in the gift package.

Nestle came up with the concept and implemented it with help from a dnaunion subsidiary Eshareh. The advertising agency also produced a short clip that was published on social media and complimented the gift package. The video clip was widely reposted on social media platforms.

Head of Communications, Marketing Services, and Government Relations at Nestle Iran, Alireza Sarabchi says, “We aspired to go beyond ready-made gifts which are customary to be sent on the occasion of Nowruz; gifts like electronics or calendars.”

He continued by explaining that sponsoring independent artists has always been on Nestle’s agenda. “We believe that major companies should back artists. Over the years, financially supporting artists has been part of our social responsibility programs.”

That is why the company decided to produce a music album named Nowruz-e Ayene (Mirrors Nowruz in Persian) by Iranian artist Fardin Khalatbari and include it in the firm’s Nowruz gift.

The gift packages also included artworks designed by Sara Payami and made by Mohammad Reza Rashed. He uses mirrors in his work depicting mythical imagery which reflects Iran’s cultural heritage.

Payami also designed delicate packages in which the gifts were delivered. The packages were adorned with hand-drawn Golo Morgh paintings. The final work was the offspring of an artistic collaboration between two well-known Iranian artists.

According to Sarabchi, the gift was designed to nudge people towards reflecting on their individuality. He hopes that it would set them on a soul searching journey which would enlighten them.

Nestle Iran sponsored the production of the music album by Khalatbari which drew upon Iran’s cultural heritage. Khalatbari explains that a large portion of the lyrics used in the album was by 13th-century Persian poet Rumi. One of the pieces in the album was based on poetry by Amirhossein Allahyari.

Khalatbari himself wrote the lyrics for one of the tracks Forsat-e Masti (a chance for ecstasy in Persian) which reflects on mystical concepts and natural splendor in spring. A video clip was also made for the track which complimented the gift packages.

According to Rashed, the mirrors were designed and produced through a complicated process that employed computer technologies along with artistic creativity. He says that the mirrors plus the Golo Morgh designs create a new sense of reality. “Reflecting light and images, the artwork creates new meaning when added to any given environment.”

Kasra Saberi, project manager at Eshareh, says, “Nowruz gifts play a major role in communication and advertising campaigns carried out in Iran. That is why companies generously invest in them.”

According to Saberi, Nestle Iran managers picked mirror as the central piece of their Nowruz gift. He notes that mirror plays a pivotal role in Iran’s culture. It represents self-reflection and honesty.

Eashreh Creative Director Mojtaba Rouhani says, “The video clip produced conveys a message of hope and perseverance. That is exactly what Nowruz stands for, and that is also the essence of the music album.”

The video clip was directed by Mohammad Mehdi Bagheri. Over 160 people were engaged in the whole project, including art director Farshad Moghadam, creative director Mojtaba Rouhani, audiovisual director Hadi Khalesnejad, and project manager Kasra Saberi.