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Merident: Armed to the Teeth

The Merident brand, which is one of the products of Pakshoo Industrial Group started its dental care division in mid-1385 (2006).

During the past years, however, there was no significant presence of this brand in domestic market of Oral care as it deserved. But surprisingly, Merident in comparison with its domestic competitors enjoys a good position.

Among the advantages of this brand, one can refer to the high quality of its products, which competes with foreign brands, as well as in terms of long-term protection of the teeth. In the meantime, affordable price of Merident toothpaste compared with other toothpastes produced in Iran, helps Merident to stand out among its domestic rivals as the only domestic producer offering high quality multifunctional toothpaste.

Mr Kaveh Namvar, Merident brand manager says: “Since mid-summer 95 (2016), a new wave of actions started in Merident Company. These activities began with the implementation of a comprehensive research program. After an extensive review and sound analysis of the position of the brand in the market, it was found out that the main issue that Merident had faced with during its several-year presence, had been the process of product presentation and sound and powerful promotion. Therefore, Merident had to prepare for a significant presence in the second half of the year and this decision led to the design and implementation of a great and effective campaign in recent months.

“We in the Merident Group decided to assign this campaign to one of the unique products of the company. The chosen product was Complete 7. This product possessed seven positive features such as anti-bacterial effect and 12-hour long protection, which are among the most important advantages of this toothpaste in comparison with other similar Iranian brands.

“We intended to create an attractive and effective campaign. Our main goal was to raise people’s awareness of the Merident brand and finally our cooperation with Eshareh Advertising Agency formed this campaign.”

Mr Namvar, referring to the launch of the campaign, further added: “The scenario that was compiled by the creative team of Eshareh Agency for this campaign stressed on its animation character and application of the functional atmosphere as a proper method for demonstrating applications of the toothpaste. The main slogan of the campaign was “Armed to the Teeth” and proceeded by stressing on the 12-hour effect which was in conformity with the atmosphere of the campaign.”

Ms Nina Joshaqhani, Project Manager of the campaign shed some light on the trend of the formation of the campaign: “The objective of the Merident Super Hero campaign was to re-introduce the Merident brand in the market. This campaign includes a TV and radio commercial advert, out of home advertisement, magazines, the digital advertisement and also an activation. The scenario that formed the core of the campaign was a story-like atmosphere, which shaped the combat between a toothpaste and germs and food remains inside mouth. Merident toothpaste was the hero of the story, which fought the harmful substances to save the teeth. The action and exciting atmosphere of this scenario was visible throughout the campaign.”

Also referring to the activation of Merident, Ms Joshaqhani says: “Our goal to execute this activation was to create a close contact with the audience in the point of sale, therefore, we chose to run this activity in front of Kourosh Hyperstar supermarket. This program includes an interactive game in which a person puts on a cape like the Merident Super Toothpaste and stands in front of the screen and tries to destroy food particles and earn scores. Finally at the same place gifts are awarded to some people.”

“This event which happened about three weeks ago continues through images that people share in the cyberspace with hashtags such as #تا_دندان_مسلح, #merident and/or #meridentclup. Fortunately it has received positive feedbacks and our goal to forge a dialogue between the audience and the brand happened perfectly.”

Ms. Zabihi, Creative Manager of the campaign explains the creation of the core idea: “prior to this campaign there was no specific emphasis on the Merident brand in the market, our target was to make people be familiar with the name of Merident brand. We, in the creative team of Eshareh, tried to compile the core idea by focusing on developing an exciting, attractive and play-like atmosphere in order to attract the audience. Perhaps the turning point emerged in the activation in Kourosh shopping center, which people play a game based on the main idea.”

Finally, Mr Namvar explains the future plans of Merident: “The Merident advertising programs will continue with the same characteristics. This year our focus will still be on long-term effects and in continuation, next year, launching a new product different from the available products in the market will be one of our programs for the Merident brand.”