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Huawei Mate 8 Draw Ceremony Held

The DMN (Brand Experience Agency) held the lottery of the festival of Mate 8 phone buyers on Wednesday December 14 at Payetakht Complex in Tehran in which a lucky buyer of Huawei phablet won a BMW 220i sedan.

The ceremony was attended by senior managers of Huawei and performed by Mahmoud Shahriyari (showman) and in the presence of Javad Ezzati (actor) at the grand mull of the company on the ground floor of Payetakht Complex in which Mojtaba Hadianpour won a BMW car.

Huawei held the festival in honor of the Iranian customers who have always pioneered in using new technologies. The Huawei Mate phablets in the market are equipped with the fastest and most powerful processors in the world of technology, and stand on the top of the best mobile sets with the maintenance of high charging capacity.

Customers who had purchased Huawei Mate 8 since the calendar month of Esfand (February/March) 1394 (2015) participated in the draw. The campaign was held only for those who had bought Mate 8 with a valid Huawei warranty.