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Quality for Health with Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutics

Dr. Abdi's Pharmaceutical Company has launched a big campaign in line with its social responsibility. The campaign, which has been designed and implemented by the Eshareh Advertising Agency, an affiliate of the dnaunion group of companies, has different dimensions. Hassan Farzi, director of human resources and public relations department of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company, says: “Promoting the health condition of the society is an important goal that Dr. Abidi brand as the first and foremost pharmaceutical company in Iran is following up.” He added that Dr. Abidi's brand campaign, which started on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the company's establishment, last year, has entered a new stage this year and is moving ahead in line with this important goal.

The gist of this campaign is precisely aimed to increase public awareness about the prevention and treatment of widespread diseases in the society. Diabetes, blood pressure and blood fat are three common diseases that the general public is involved with and Dr. Abidi is publicizing his own campaign in an effort to raise awareness about widespread diseases. He also seeks to improve the level of public knowledge about the quality of drugs. The vacuum of debates on the quality of drugs has always existed in our country, and no company has ever addressed this issue. The quality of medicine is defined in eight important areas, which are not known to the people and Dr. Abidi, along with his main campaign, is launching other campaign for this purpose. Aspects of these campaigns are being implemented on social networks.


Dr. Abidi Campaign Target Group Commenting on Dr. Abidi campaign’s target group, Farzi said: “Dr. Abiidi's audience is divided into two main groups: The first group; the final consumers of Dr. Abidi products which the brand has no direct relation with them due to market distribution. The second group, physicians, pharmacy owners and government decision makers, with whom Dr. Abidi has some kind of relationship. These two groups are part of the Dr. Abidi brand and the campaign messages are designed to cover all of them.”

Farzi noted: "As mentioned before, the campaign has entered a new phase and is particularly informing the public about diabetes. This phase was announced exactly in conjunction with the day the disease was named in our country. Diabetes is a silent disorder that afflicts many people without them knowing about it. Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled and prevented by following a basic principle of life.


Therefore, public awareness about this disease is one of the goals of Dr. Abidi in this campaign. For this phase of the campaign, various mass media have been used. The peripheral advertising plan of this section of the campaign has been implemented and its TV ad will also be released soon. In these plans, messages have been released to audiences about the right way of living and avoiding diseases. Messages that Dr. Abidi hopes will be taken forward after they have been sent to prevent these diseases in the society. In the same vein, content is also being produced and published by social networks. After this stage, the campaign will enter the phase of discussing the quality of the drug. For this section, various advertisements will be published through peripheral media, television and social networks. In this section, eight important areas of drug quality will be discussed and for each area an educational video will be released. These educational films are being reviewed at various timescales. Providing a proper definition for the quality of drugs is the main purpose of the release of these educational films. We anticipate that these videos will go viral on social networks due to their type of content.

Farzi further added that part of the campaign is linked to Dr. Abidi brand’s social responsibility activities. The activities of the brand are running and the results will be seen by the audiences at the community level. Dr. Abidi is trying to promote the level of health of a part of the society, which is usually not paid much attention to and is among the disadvantaged class of our country.


Simple and Effective Messages Mojtaba Rouhani, an ideologist of Dr. Abidi's campaign commenting about the advertising schemes of the campaign's new stage, said: "Many of the commonly cited diseases are due to the general public’s ignorance about the life style. This is an important point that was mentioned in Dr. Abdi Company’s brief. The result of this brief was a public awareness campaign aimed at preventing widespread diseases. Diabetes, blood pressure, and blood fat are among the horrific diseases that the general public does not know about, and Dr. Abidi has been trying to raise public awareness through simple and fluent messages: Simple but effective and attractive messages. For example, poor vision is a complication of diabetes that the general public is not well aware of: A complication that Dr. Abidi has reviewed in two peripheral projects.


In one of the designs, there is candy in front of an individual's eyes. The plan is accompanied by an influential slogan entitled "Uncontrolled Diabetes, Increasing the Likelihood of Blindness." In this design, candy sweets have become bitter with a different look. In a coherent way, in another plan, the death rate of people every six seconds is cited for diabetes. In this plan, the clock hand stops in six seconds. Rouhani said: "Another advertising video has been released about blood pressure and its major cause, salt," Rouhani said. Blood pressure reduces people's life span. To illustrate this, combination of a salt shaker and an hourglass has been designed. Other plans have been designed to raise awareness about other diseases, such as blood fat, along the lines of this campaign. Plans have also been launched about the effects of uncontrolled antibiotic use by the general public. The general feeling of the public is that they should use antibiotics quickly when they have cold. The arbitrary use of antibiotics will result in the return of illnesses that have been lost for centuries.

The plan refers to viruses that are so strong that antibiotics are no longer effective against them. In sum, the ideation of this campaign was enjoyable and appealing because of its high impact on the general public. We tried to make it possible with different visual effects, for the people to get the message and remember it.

Use Animation Technique to Convey Message Nina Joshghani, director of Dr. Abidi's campaign project about the TV ad, said: "Along with the environmental campaign of Dr. Abidi, a television ad is also broadcasting on the introduction of this brand. Due to the fact that direct advertising of pharmaceutical products in Iran faces legal barriers, the group decided to introduce the brand from another angle. The focus on drug quality and its impact on quality of life for people in the community was a topic reflected in television advertising. Of course, Dr. Abidi has been focusing on the subject of drug quality for nearly a century, and has trained audiences on this issue. Meanwhile, the expression of eight factors that make the quality of the drug was not possible in a TV ad, so in this TV ad we mentioned the outcome of the quality of the drug on the lives of the audience. In order to express this, we have used the technique of animation, in which the course of research, the formation, sale and purchase of medicine is shown to the audience. Indirectly, we have shown a knowledge-based and advanced pharmaceutical company to the audiences: A company that can guarantee the healthy life of the audience. This ad with the slogan "Quality for Health" is currently on display. Together with the TV ad, a number of peripheral advertisements are being prepared with the same imagery technique as the television announcement, and has been launched at the city level. This will create the integrity and coherence of the campaign message. This campaign is still ongoing and the final sections will be implemented soon.”