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ourunion: A Window to dnaunion Ocean

Newcomers to the organization are always faced with the challenge of familiarizing themselves with different sectors. Their minds are full of different questions that need to be answered. But no one in the organization has the opportunity to explain too much; for the same reason, these people have no choice but get acquainted with the different sections of the new workplace on their own initiative. This is an unpleasant process that would take a while.

Taking this important challenge into account the dnaunion group of companies has arranged an attractive program for newcomers. They invite those who have maintained a presence of at least three months in the organization and the time has arrived for them to get more acquainted with the members of the group to participate in ourunion program. ourunion is a program that consists of several sections: Sections that each opens a window of the organization and unveils a new angle of performance of the group.

The important point of the program is the presence of the dnaunion group of companies CEO Nasser Pashapour Nikoo among the newcomers which comes as a consolation for them. He speaks about the history of the group and the ups and downs he has gone through and acquaints them with future goals and the role they are supposed to play. This is a memorable moment of familiarity the newcomers will remember for a long time.
Pashapour then briefs the participants about the organizational values and the social activities carried out so far. At the end the newcomers are asked to write down about the imagination they have shaped in their mind concerning dnaunion. This is the golden moment of the program. The participants put their mental imaginations on the paper in different forms like poems, phrases, or images. The conception of the newcomers speaks of a good sense they have developed about the program – a sense that will inject enough energy in them to continue to be part of the dnaunion group of companies.