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Ramak ESL Milk: Enjoy the Freshness for Longer Days!

One of the concerns in dairy consumption, various kinds of milk in particular, is its freshness and its shelf life; a concern that Ramak has come up with a solution thanks to the introduction of extended shelf life (ESL) technology. Ramak has elaborated on the benefits of this technology in its newest promotional campaign using a different approach.

The campaign was designed and implemented by the brand unit of Eshareh Advertising Agency  from the dnaunion Group.

Marketing and advertising director of Ramak Dairy Company, Mohammad Hashempour, said: Ramak Dairy Company is striving to ensure health of the community members by providing healthy dairy products.

Using the technologies of the day is one of the ways to deliver healthy products to the public, he said

ESL is one of the technologies that have long been used in Europe to supply dairy products with a higher quality and longer life span to the market.

Ramak has also been offering to the market its milk products for about a year and a half using ESL technology.

Also, Ramak has provided consumers with cream product using this same technology.

Ramak Company uses the term “ultra-pasteurized” when marketing this product, given that the conditions and the price of processing are different.

The cost of this kind of processing is almost ten times the amount of processing that is used in Iran.

Hashempour added: “As I have said earlier, the Ramak ESL milk has been on the market for some time and well received over this period.

The welcome was to the extent that at the beginning Ramak introduced the product to the public within a limited campaign titled “New Generation of Fresh Milk”.

The campaign results indicated that consumers tend to get more information about ESL.

This led to the launch of another campaign, a broader one, with the slogan of “Ramak ESL Milk, Fresh for More Days.”  

The campaign was a 360 degree advertising and ATL (TV, social networks, etc.) advertising and PR services were used in it. In addition, promotional activities have also been carried out at the points of purchase, etc.

Ramak Marketing and Advertising Director added: The main focus of this campaign is on the southern half of the country (the areas close to the production center of Ramak Dairy Company).

However, the cities of Tehran, Karaj, Mashhad, Kermanshah and… have also been the targets of this campaign.  In the end, I would say: “Ramak Dairy Company has increased the ESL milk production capacity and is trying to fully meet the market need.”

Ramak: Friend of the Youth and Elderly

Director of creativity department of Eshareh Advertising Agency, Naghmeh Floor Zabihi, referred to the stages of finalizing the Ramak campaign’s idea and said: “To formulate the ESL milk advertising campaign, two topics of “taste of freshness” of the milk and “without preservatives” were added to the agenda of the creativity team as two important issues  after conducting market research and determining the target audience and their insights.

On the other hand, review of various advertisements in the field of dairy products and milk in particular, showed that in most cases they had tried to induce the freshness and usefulness of milk by showing scenes of nature, breakfast table and happy and energetic children. The creativity team, however, was looking for a different approach and idea.

Eventually, the creative team decided “let’s hear about the mystery of ESL milk freshness from the cow’s mouth”.

The story is told in an interrogation environment, and Ramak cow is being interrogated in a brief, simple, and humorous cross-examination. In response, it talks about the benefits of ESL technology and in its dream it takes us to Ramak factory to visit the milk production line.

In addition to appearing on television commercials and environmental advertisements, this charming character reminds the audience of other promotional items of the campaign such as shopping items, Ramak milk and its interrogation story.