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Clash of Brands in a Market Like Iran

Signal Honors Dentists

Signal is currently one of the biggest brands in the area of dental public health in Iran. This brand has implemented a comprehensive plan for dentists.

Saba Qorbani, Deputy Director of the Unilever brand, commenting on the year-long implementation of the plan (to visit dentists) coupled with the Signal lottery said: “Unilever is proud of having global cooperation with the international federation of dentists (FDI) for the improvement of dental health during which people throughout the world were encouraged to brush their teeth twice a day with the toothpaste containing fluoride. In line with this plan since the beginning of 2016, Signal’s scientific representatives visited over half of the practicing dentists in Tehran in an effort to both establish relations with them and also introduce new treatment products of this brand. To protect this cooperation, a draw was held in the presence of Iran Dental Association president during which two dentists with one accompanying person each were awarded with recreational visit to Malaysia.”

Elaheh Dalirian, Project Manager of Signal project also said: “In 2016 we implemented the plan to visit 2700 dentists under Signal brand. The visit was held in the course of a general plan in the city of Tehran. The plan was implemented with an aim of introducing new products of Signal brand, products that were present in the Iranian market but the dentists were not aware of. Therefore, the brand by establishing closer ties with the dentists informed them of diversified products. The plan followed other targets such as improvement of dental health of the fellow compatriots. The dentists, by becoming informed of the implementation of the performance of Signal brand can introduce better products to their patients.”

Dalirian further remarked that the brand Signal in an effort to thank the dentists who welcomed the brand in their clinics in the past year, arranged the draw. In the drawing ceremony, two senior members of the Dental Association were also present. Dr. Ali Tajernia, president of Iran Dental Association and Dr. Pour Farid were among famous dentists who were present in the event where two dentists were awarded. The prize was a trip to Malaysia. The brand Signal is now working with dentists in Tehran but later other cities will be covered by the plan.