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Sunich New Packaging: Where Pleasure and Quality Converge!

The market is constantly changing, and the brands must be synchronized with the technology of the day to survive. Aalifard Company, the creator of Sunich brand is one of the activists that always serves its customers in compliance with the latest technology in the world. This brand has recently produced a unique packaging and supplied it to the market. The company has designed and implemented a campaign to introduce this packaging. A major portion of this campaign has focused on social and digital networks. The digital section of the campaign has been developed and promoted by Magnolia Advertising Agency.

We interviewed Mohammad Reza Alvandi, Sunich brand manager and Campaign Executive Team from Magnolia Advertising Agency (Pooya Sabbagh Project Manager; Amir Rashedi Content Strategist; Azadeh Naseri, Strategic and Customer Relations Unit).



Q: Tell us about the new packaging?

Mohammad Reza Alvandi: Sunich brand new packaging has unique features. The resin in the body of the package minimizes penetration of oxygen and sunlight inside. Also, the top of this packaging prevents oxygen from penetration and sunlight. The cause of the emphasis on sunlight and oxygen is due to the damage they could cause to the product and its quality. Special technology is used to make this packaging. In this technology, the product is hot-packed and nitrogen droplets are injected into the empty bottle. This will cause the loss of oxygen inside the bottle.

In addition, the packaging is lightweight and resistant. This feature makes it easy for consumers to carry the product and use it anywhere. This packaging is made in two sizes of 750 and 300 cc and is distributed nationwide.

All of the features mentioned above make the brand new packaging different from the rest of the market packaging. No company in Iran is able to produce it and you cannot find the technology even in the Middle East. Altogether, the company is always trying to use the latest technology in the world to deliver its products. Technologies that are not feasible for many Iranian brands and their vacuum is felt in the market. Sunich brand is pioneering in this regard.


Q: Who are the audience of this packaging?

Alvandi: The audience is the age group 15 to 30 who are targeted both in the campaign and the packaging production. This audience group, according to forecasts and studies, uses the product more than the rest due to packaging sizes. Of course, this group of audiences could include all social and economic categories of the society, and there is no restriction here.


Q: Why have you used social networking and digital advertising to introduce this packaging?

Alvandi: To introduce this packaging, ATL and BTL media were used simultaneously. In the BTL media, we had a special focus on social networks and digital advertising.

The Internet penetration rate is increasing day by day in Iran, and now more and more people use smartphones. Such events have caused social networks affect the lives of the audiences, and now many of the Sunich consumers are active on these networks. When the brand comes across such capabilities, it would certainly enter the social networks in order to establish contacts with its audience to introduce new packaging to social networks and benefit from digital marketing advantages. Of course, the impact of these media is also high compared to the costs.


Q: Why did Sunich brand turn to Magnolia to launch the digital campaign on social networks?

Pooya Sabbagh (from Magnolia Team): Mr. Alvandi presented a comprehensive report on the product capabilities: Capabilities that provide the ground for producing relevant content. According to the slogan defined for the campaign, namely “high quality, color of nature” campaign, the Sunich brand intended to connect the product’s capabilities to ecotourism. The theme that was matched with the audience was the ability to produce attractive content to the executive team. With this in mind, our group started to think. We were trying to create content that, in addition to product capabilities, would involve audiences and bring good results. The companionship of the audience with the campaign will make them more curious about packaging and more understanding of its capabilities.

Q: How did you turn content into product features?

Pooya Sabbagh (from Magnolia Team): Based on the planning, a general concept for the campaign was defined and all activities around it began to circulate. All activities, both in terms of content and image, and in terms of music, were exactly aligned with the spirit of the audience and the main theme of the campaign. Such an approach made it possible for each post to focus on one of the packaging capabilities and inform the audience about it. If the audience visits the Instagram page, they will understand the order in the posts and arrange them. This will be a curious audience waiting for more information about the packaging. In addition to these posts, competitions were also defined to accompany the audience with the campaign. In the tournament, challenges were defined that brought the audience to the campaign. These challenges were not complicated. Excessive complexity causes fatigue and frustration for the audience. The outlined challenges were short-term and easily solvable.


Q: What course of action did you take for the campaign ideation?

Amid Rashedi (Magnolia Team ): We faced two issues in ideation. We needed to talk about product capabilities in this campaign, and connect it to ecotourism. This connection should have taken place since Sunich had talked to the audience about it in the rest of the campaign media, and there should have been consistency between the message of the publicity media. So the idea was put in a course that we talked to the audience when we talked about product features, especially the convenience of carrying it out and its robustness. Of course, at the same time, we should remind the audience that the product inside the package has not changed and the audience will find the same lovely product in new packaging.

The Ideation Team faced a special audience group. A young audience that is affecting their families these days and if they use a product the rest of the family too would be encouraged to use the same. Such an approach would allow the product to enter the family basket over time.

The tone of dialogue with this audience group is also special and you should go to them using their favorite elements to connect with them. On the other hand, when content is released in cyberspace, it must be so engaging that audiences would pay attention to the content you want from thousands of posts.

All in all, the product launch time (summer) and the theme of the campaign (ecotourism), have come together to produce attractive content for the audience: A content we asked the audience to go to the nature and enjoy Sunich juice in new packaging. A nice hashtag campaign was also designed for this purpose. This hashtag is also in line with the main course of the campaign; it combines the experience of adventure and nature with the pleasure of drinking a good juice.

Of course, video content is of great importance here. For this part of the content, the product was featured on the platform of nature’s inspirational scenes. On the one hand, these images should have been reminiscent of Sunich TV ad. In these images, we showed the exact location of the packaging to the audience. A position that also featured product capabilities.


Rashedi: The Magnolia Advertising Agency aims to provide impressive promotions. We have always tried to maintain a scientific outlook about the ads to achieve brilliant achievements in terms of brand goals. While doing the ideation, we analyze the brand’s character and its goals well and we care about the audience’s insight. In fact, Magnolia does not seek to create fuss in advertising. It does not seek to promote advertising that merely highlights the agency. Our main goal is to reach the peak that branding determines. Hence, in each campaign, we try to convey a single message to the audiences in line with the brand’s core issue. Some customers understand this method well, they describe the issue and plot their purpose correctly. Sunich supported  Magnolia in its best way to achieve this goal, and we came up with an interactive guide to the design of the campaign. This contributed to the implementation of such a campaign, which is evidence of significant results.


Azadeh Naseri (from Magnolia Team): The Magnolia Advertising Agency is always striving to exploit the latest advertising tools to communicate with audiences. In this company, innovation and the choice of new media is important. The client has always been Magnolia’s aim. The company is always trying to meet its customers’ needs in the best possible manner.


Q: Why did you pick the theme of adventure and ecotourism for the campaign?

Alvandi: Lightweight and easy carriage lets the audience to use the packaging in any space. The best place to zoom in on such features is the nature and its adventures: Space that consumers can easily use to pack light and resistant packaging. Of course, this was also a good match with the packaging audience group. However, these groups of audiences tend to be more adventurous towards nature than wildlife. On the other hand, showing the packaging in nature, the audience are reminded that Sunich products come out of the nature.

Currently, five flavors (oranges with pulp, mango, pine apple, sour cherry and peach) are presented to the market using new packaging.


Please shed some light on the timing to promote the packaging?

Alvandi: The hot season was the best opportunity to introduce this packaging. Consumers in the hot season tend to be consuming more juices, and sales go up. The season will make the product more visible and they are purchased more.

In the case of the tagline of this campaign, too, Sunich claims that its products are made from fruits directly and the quality of products is always fixed. Therefore, the tagline “high quality, the color of nature” accurately transmitted the message to the audience.


Keep in mind that the character of  Sunich brand is defined according to neatly defined strategies. When the strategy is clear, we will move exactly on that basis in all the campaigns. Of course, each time we use new tactics for this move. So, as long as the destination is clear, the roadmap is also specified and we must move on that course.


Q: Please provide some information about the competitions designed for Sunich digital campaign?

Sabbagh: In all its campaigns, Sunich emphasizes two factors of enjoyment of product and product quality. Factors that differentiate Sunich from the rest of its rivals.

We also focused on the magnification of these two factors in the digital campaign and demonstrated enjoyment together with quality through visual messages to the audience. If the message is properly defined, the audience will immediately recall the message when they encounter the product in other spaces.

In the pictures, we showed a young man who has gone to nature for pleasure and carries the high quality Sunich product . A quality product that doubles the pleasure of your journey when you drink it. We should show such pleasure visually to the audience.

The Sunich digital campaign had three stages. During the design of the competition, we put forward an important question: what factors will create a pleasant and quality trip. An adventurous journey with the presence of close friends would be more enjoyable. The answer to this question has led to the design of the challenges that we were asking them to address in the competition.

 Firstly, we asked the audience: if they were supposed to go on an adventure journey, what items would they take with them. We asked them to take pictures of their stuff and share it them on pleasure tourism hashtag. At this stage, ten participants were given a camping tent as a gift.

At the second stage, the audience of the Sunich digital campaign were asked to publish a story about themselves and their friends during their journey or while in the nature, and ask through the poll  whether their friends were having a good time or not. The audience should get a screenshot of their voting results and publish them with a pleasure tourism hashtag on their page. At this stage, 10 Instax cameras were given to the audience as a gift.

At the third stage, images of natural landscapes of Iran were published and the audience were asked to guess the correct option and the name of the scenery. When announcing the result, they will mention three of their friends below the post. At this stage of the competition, the travel expenses to Kish Island (equivalent to 30,000,000 Rials) was awarded to three participants in a draw. At this stage, we made the challenge easier so that more audience could participate.

In the course of this match, good cooperation was also forged with Influencers. Influencers who favored adventure and ecotourism themselves. The Influencers prepared posts and shared their pages based on the concept of the campaign. By implementing this method, the content produced by the Influencers was not promoted and was therefore  more appealing to the audience. However, the Influencers audience are familiar with their posts and we should have moved in line with the previous trend. The Influencers progressed step-by-step with the competition and produced and published on their page content in accordance with each stage. Nearly 20,000 people participated in the competition, and 6700 respondents were added to the site after the start of the tournament. We will keep the audience by producing time-appropriate content.


Q: What are the tips for choosing the influencers?

Alvandi:  Influencers are selected according to the purpose of the campaign. In the meantime, such people must be consistent with the brand personality and acceptable to the general public. The performance and KPI of these people are also carefully reviewed and collaborated with them for the brand.


Q: Tell us about the future programs?

Alvandi: The campaign is not abandoned after it ends, and moves on with the concept and the main idea. However, packaging is in the first year and we have to work to keep it on the minds of the audience. The Instagram audience of Sunich will be retained with more attractive content.