dnaunion favors a development which would remain sustainable for long years and would be stable and a source of honor like long-lasting structures and sites.

We believe that in business, sustainable development is based on three foundations:

Here we will deal with each of the above-mentioned cases in detail and review them by taking into account the beliefs, values, management procedures and social responsibilities.

Engage our Team

Our colleagues are the most important factor in our businesses success; team work is also one of our three key values. We believe the components of a good team are its good people.

We are all members of dnaunion and should be stable in our reciprocal communications with one another in order to ensure the success of the company.

To establish a stable relationship with colleagues, we take the following into account:

  • Talents are the basis for business in marketing industry. Therefore, by preparing the ground for discovering and raising them and giving them the necessary training, we strive to provide the best atmosphere for boosting the marketing industry talents and for cooperation with them.
  • The enthusiasm and skills of any person are the basis of prosperity and the outcome will benefit both the individual and the organization. To this end, we will strive to maintain the enthusiasm for progress in our colleagues and always have a dynamic working environment.
  • Considering that promotion of vocational status of colleagues is an important issue, we carefully supervise and attach importance to implementation of Personal Development Plan (PDP).
  • All of us at dnaunion are coworkers who spend the most important hours and years of our life beside one another and move forward towards our collective objectives through professional and emotional support and creation of synergy.

Values for Clients

Clients are the reason behind the existence of any business and development of a stable relationship with them requires stability.

On this basis, establishment of a long-lasting and stable relationship is another common key value at dnaunion group of companies which offers advanced and professional services to the clients. In order to establish an stable relationship with the clients, we believe we must:

  • Be capable in carrying out the responsibility we have undertaken and try to improve our knowledge and skills.
  • A ‘stable relationship with clients’ model is based on a win-win concept in which besides taking into consideration the interests of the clients and the group of companies, the outcome will also be brilliant.
  • Be accountable before the outcome of our actions.
  • Respond to the clients’ needs by diversifying our services.

Industry Values

Stability in industrial atmosphere creates suitable ground for sustainable development in any business.

We, at the dnaunion consider pioneering as another key value. To create a dynamic atmosphere in marketing industry we take the following measures:

  • International marketing industry is filled with changes and new developments. By using and introducing up-to-date knowledge and modern instruments, we contribute to the development of the marketing industry.
  • Diversity of people, as long as they are bound to common values, not only is not an obstacle in the way of cooperation and success but an exceptional chance. Respecting diversity of viewpoints and capabilities, we take advantage of this opportunity for creating new ideas.
  • Paying attention to social responsibilities and duties we have before our environment gains momentum every day in the modern world today.
  • In this line, we try to carry out our activities with respect to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in a goal oriented manner.