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The Five Themes of Persia Khodro

“The World Is Amazed at Your Choice”; this theme unveils the news on the launch of a new campaign in the summer this year by Persia Khodro Company to the special audience of this brand. The campaign has been launched in two phases by the Magnolia Advertising Company of the dnaunion group of companies. We interviewed the executive team of the campaign in order to learn more about its different dimensions. The following is the text of the interview in which the team members have answered different questions:

Would you please tell us about the different phases of the summer sales campaign of Persia Khodro?

Arash Afshin, Executive Manager of Magnolia Advertising Company’s Creativity Department: This campaign has been launched in two phases. In the first phase, the concept in line with introduction of the Persia Khodro brand and the services it offers were designed and implemented. The first phase of the campaign was highly important because of the message it carried. In our country the market is brisk for the entry and supply of illegal cars and the number of companies which could offer services to these types of cars in the best possible form is low. Therefore, Persia Khodro plays an important role in an effort to bring order to this turbulent market. On this basis; in the first phase we talked with the audience about the products and the role Persia Khodro plays in the market; and in the next phase we introduced five summer products of the company. Of course, I should say that the plans of the first phase have been implemented by the internal team of Persia Khodro but the concept and the theme is the work of the Magnolia team.


Sanaz Shenasa, Manager of the Clients Group of the Magnolia Advertising Company: Maintaining the integrity of the various phases in the campaign was of great importance. Our goal was that the audience after visiting the first phase could easily communicate with the concept of the second phase. The theme played an intermediary role between the phases of the campaign: A campaign in which five products of a brand supplied to the market by Persia Khodro were introduced.


Hamed Khorsand, Manager of the Creativity Project of the Magnolia Advertising Company: The role of the theme due to maintaining the integrity in this campaign has become bolder than the plans. In particular, this role in the first phase is more prominent than the second phase; because the first phase was screened in the form of teaser advertising and in the absence of the products. This same issue has resulted in further observation of the theme. But, the presence of the products in the image of the advertisements of the second phase became essential due to the sales approach of the campaign. Of course, in the meantime, in addition to the products and the theme showing a symbol of Persia Khodro was of great importance: A symbol which had to be more prominent for the audience than the famous logo of the products in the advertisements. In the first phase we used a view from the top of the front window of the car which was presented by Persia Khodro as the main element. Somehow, in this phase the products were not fully displayed to the audience. “The world is amazed at your choice” was the theme we selected in the first phase: The theme in which we told the audience: the world is amazed at your choice and you have chosen Persia Khodro as your favorite company. In the second phase the main words of the theme were maintained and completed with terms which entailed the main features of the products: Themes such as “The road is amazed at your power”, “The road is amazed at your resolve”, “The city is amazed at your glory,” “The destination is amazed at your courage”, and “The journey is amazed at your comfort”. These themes have been forged on the basis of the characteristics of the products and by observation of the identity of the car brand. Somehow, the themes are the reflection of the main personality and characteristic of the cars: A character which unconsciously illustrates the personality of the consumers as well. Our group had a short period of time for the idea processing and implementation of the job. We had to express the best performance in this short period of time.


Would you please tell us about the advertising process by companies in the automotive field?

Afshin: The higher the price and the quality of the car the more the emphasis on the presence of the product in the advertisement; thus the brands will become more sensitive towards commercials in which the car plays the main part. Also, the images in these advertisements should be designed objectively so that the audience could establish better communication with the product; therefore application of exaggerated techniques in this respect would not be useful. In addition, the cars that are somehow considered to be the leaders of the market all have regular identity notebooks the violation of which is not possible. Usually in advertising these types of cars professional photography will be made and the actual elements would be portrayed. But due to the time and place restrictions, photo assembly is inevitably used in Iran. Now, in the Persia Khodro campaign for an easier communication of the audience parts of the image elements have become more noticeable in order to convey a better feeling. Of course, the top products of the automotive field are so attractive that using other elements will weaken the quality of the job. This very issue made our group play with the theme only in the second phase and through it reminds the audience of the characteristics of the products. Keep in mind that the five introduced products each have their own unique features and showing each of these characteristics will result in lack of integrity of the campaign, therefore the best mechanism was to use the theme. On the other hand, flexibility of the theme was of great importance for keeping its place in different plans. This is a type of flexibility upon observing which the audience would realize that both the executive phases are related to one company. Therefore several factors limited the executive concept every day.

Afshin continued by saying: The personality of Persia Khodro and the products presented by this brand allowed the group to use the comparative adjectives. Consumers who use this group of cars mostly enjoy a good economic and social standing and they feel great when they see others are amazed at their cars. And the truth is that the ability of this type of cars is in astonishing the audience. This is a factor that allowed us to use each adjective in the advertisements. However, in line with the campaign a number of faithful consumers of Persia Khodro were interviewed and their views were used. All of them were satisfied with the services of the brand and this made the work easier for the group in using the themes. After talking with them, we realized that the themes are quite credible for the audience. Also the Persia Khodro always provides the best services to its customers such as towing and roadside assistance, car plate numbering and so on. Supplying spare parts for luxury cars is another important concern for the consumers in this field – a concern that Persia Khodro has also resolved. With all these explanations for this campaign we considered other attractive ideas but could not carry them out due to restrictions.


Could you please elaborate on the media choice in this campaign?

Sanaz Shenasa: In this campaign advantage was taken from the outdoor, print and digital media. In this campaign five plans have been designed and for the release of each plan a specific area has been considered: Areas that are proportional with the characteristics of the advertised products. In the digital space too we acted in the same way. The position and characteristics of the audience in the selection of media and the place of release had great effect. This campaign has been defined for a period of two months and so far has had good feedbacks. In the case of side information I should say that in the print media more information has been put at the disposal of the audience for their guidance.