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Creative Minds and Capable Hands Engaged in Launching an Innovation

When the issue is about introducing and launching an innovation, the work should be trusted to innovative minds and capable hands, minds that create pure ideas from insignificant events and hands that implement and manage those pure ideas.

The story of the minds and hands is the story of cooperation between ‘Eshareh’ Creative Solutions Company’ and ‘DMN’ from the dnaunion group that unveiled Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, the new flagships of Samsung Galaxy, at a magnificent ceremony that was held in Milad Tower conference hall recently.

The importance of the launching ceremony, regardless of the fact that Samsung new products were introduced, is in the creation of a central concept for the event; something that in many cases has been neglected by advertising agencies or companies active in the field of public relations, while a ceremony that has a central concept and idea visible in every part of it, will be more innovative and more effective.

When ‘Eshareh’ won the chance to perform the event in Pitch, the worldwide launching of the Samsung new products had not taken place yet and the only available advertisement was a short video screening a boy who was wearing Samsung glasses while setting foot into an exciting virtual world; but that short video was enough, as the project manager of the ceremony Kamyar Zolfaghari says, to ignite the initial sparks of creativity in the minds of ‘Eshareh’ thinkers:

interactive performance and two-way interaction between customers and the product; an idea that turned into the key concept of the event.

On how the idea kept flowing during the launching ceremony of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, Zolfaghari says:

All parts of the ceremony were based on two-way interrelationships and the guests were not supposed to be spectators only; rather everything had been prepared in such a way that they could have a share in the ceremony. In the initial step, a QR Code had been provided in their invitation cards and the guests could scan the code and enter the website where the application game related to the launching ceremony could be downloaded.

On the arrival of guests to the ceremony hall, a corridor with a few cubes had been designed, each with some information about Samsung. The first cube, like an exhibition, provided information about Samsung and its background history, the second cube was an exhibition of the galaxy generation of Samsung, and the third cube, like a puzzle, heralded the launch of the new Samsung products.

In line with the core idea of the ceremony, Zolfaghari said, we allocated spaces for Experience Zoon and Game Zoon, testing the smartphone and experiencing working with it. We invited Samsung master trainers to come to the location and create an atmosphere for debate and dialogue about the new flagships of Samsung Galaxy. On the other hand, this year’s accessories, like the glasses that would make the 360-degree viewing experience for the users possible, had led to an unprecedented welcome in Experience Zoon encouraging the guests to become interested in viewing experience with Samsung glasses while using the Samsung superhero smartphones.

Another interesting idea that the Project Manager of the event spoke of, was an innovation in the press hall where a stand similar to a newspaper with links to the news had been installed and the reporters were able to scan every link with the phones provided by the promoters and read the full news in the phones.

As for Game Zoon, the guests received badges from the promoters containing the contest markers. The guests could participate at the contest by scanning the badges with their phones.
But the story of interconnection and interaction does not end here; ‘Eshareh’ took a different approach to present the products and explain their features. The presenter went on the stage in companion with a person who had a lot to say on the products in a very successful way: that person was Pantea Eslami, a young and successful architecture who spoke eloquently and skillfully of the features and design of the products.

The innovative ideas based on defined concepts and their integrity in all different parts of the ceremony, gave a lot of weight to ‘Eshareh’; but also ‘DMN’ Company made the ceremony very successful and productive with its brilliant performance and management.

Farshad Mahmoudi and Setareh Ali-Rezaeifar, the two efficacious project managers of ‘DMN’ Company pointed out that one of the biggest ceremonies of launching mobile phones in the Iranian market is held by Samsung. As for the event, they said: ‘DMN’ in a successful joint work with ‘Eshareh’ Company well managed the event and launched Galaxy S7 efficiently, because in addition to the selection of concept and creativity, the management of an event, coordination between different departments and units and controlling and supervising them are among important principles in public relations and organization of such events.

A group of professionals marked a memorable day at the beginning of working days of the new Iranian year that started on March 20 in the conference hall of Milad Tower, to introduce new products and their initial links with customers.