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Certius unveils Telavang’s five-year Strategy

Telavang is a leading producer and innovatore in the market for eggs and egg basd  products. Certius and Telavang started a long term cooperation. During the past year, Certius designed a long term strategy for Telavang for the next five years. In the following interview Hamed Masoumi, Telavang board member, Vahid Yary, Telavang marketing manager, and Afsaneh Zarrinkafsh, Certius Senior consultant, tell us more about this collaboration. 


Please explain about Telavang and Certius partnership.

Hamed Masoumi: the Telavang and Certius partnership started a few months ago. During this time Certius has conducted a long and short term strategy. The strategic plan which we received went far beyond Telavang‘s expectation.  Certius did a great job for us. Deep researches were done be the Certius team of researchers and strategists and a deep market understanding was obtained in a very short time. Telavang is very pleased about it and interested to continue this cooperation.


Vahid Yary: last year we developed a business plan. We also had to define a marketing strategy and its executional elements. This issue was raised by Telavang and we asked Certius for a solution. The reason for our choice is that this team has international knowledge and is aware of the local market. Having Gerhard Barcus as Certius CEO with the required knowledge, Telavang could be sure to achieve our goals.

This project started by studying and having researches in our and adjacent fields of industry, completing the next step by setting a long-term strategy for five years. Marketing strategy was conducted for three years as the first stage of the plan. The path is defined for the next three years and we are now in the execution phase.


What are the achievements due to this cooperation? 

H.M: The egg market unlike dairy and snacks are not large in scale of variety. In this regard, it’s not applicable to study other markets for more information. Certius has presented new solutions for defining new products based on accurate and complete information. The positioning of the egg (as a product) is not easily obtained in the target audience’s mind. Luckily Certius solution made this path accessible for Telavang to a lasting position in consumers mind. Telavang has been studying the egg market globally and has compared it with local challenges and concerns. For instance, consuming natural products and animal right are the similarity of consumer concerns in Iran and international market. In this regard, Telavang is developing this concept in its coming plans. 

We have also studied about snacks and processed egg products our purpose is to expand the consumption of egg from breakfast table to other possible meals. Telavang will execute all solutions reviled by Certius. 

A positive partnership has commenced between Telavang and Certius. We’re delighted to recommend Certius, to our partners for long-term plans and advise. The quality and profundity of Certius solutions are second to none in Iran. 


V.Y.: Execution and maintenance have a prior importance than conducting the strategy itself. A fine strategy may fail with insufficient performance. Also, strategies could be lost if not led in its correct direction. Consultation and companionship are essential for strategy execution. Certius will stand beside us for appropriate performance in long-term strategy. 

Monthly meetings would be held with board members, sales managers and Certius team to check this aproach in action. Certius is going to guide Telavang through performing and even revising strategies along with market changes and internal issues. We would release monthly reports to Certius to assure actions are aligned with plans and with Certius aim attainting our goals would be possible. 


T.I.: Please explain about the issue raised by Telavang to Certius.

A.Z.: Telavang is a leading and pioneer brand for its innovation in the egg market. They experienced a market share loss in the local market at a particular time in Iran thus they referred to our team to find out about marketing solutions to obtain the former brand position. Up to this point, by the companion of dnaunion corporation group, a project was defined. The group serving this project includes; Certius; conducting the long-term and short-term strategies, EMRC; presenting the retail audit and market research reports, Eshareh brand house; for brand positioning and finally Eshareh brand solutions; for performing marketing plans.


T.I.: What did Certius presented for solving Telavang’s issues?

A.Z.: Referring to the primary needs, we, as a strategy business consultant, defined separate projects including short term strategy, revising sales system and preparing long-term strategy for Telavang. We conducted the short term strategy, in just a month, in order not to lose the current market opportunities. In the next stage revising sales system took part. The reason was that a strong sales system with high sales coverage is the most important driving force and predecessor to marketing activities. We started working on the long-term strategy by in-depth studies on the egg industry through international and local market. According to the vast researches strategic solutions were handed out to Telavang. After holding a few workshops with both teams a five-year strategy was submitted and along that a three-year marketing plan was designed. 


T.I.: How can a continues cooperation aim businesses in a better strategic performance?

A.Z.: Certius always has a recommendation to all its clients, as a business consultation company, choose a specific strategic partner among your consulting, research and advertisement agenesis. This partnership requires long-term cooperation. The longer the relationship remains the better collaboration takes part because your partners attain more knowledge about your business and industry. By this type of collaboration, the best possible deliverables and solutions would be obtained.