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EMRC Gets New MD

EMRC, as one of the most famous market research companies in the country, started its activities widely in 1380 (2001/2) in the dnaunion complex as an independent company. EMRC is the only company in the country which, in addition to its various activities, has placed longitudinal researches of Ad*X, TGI, X*POS and X*Trim in its service list.

Recently changes have occurred in the company’s managerial body. Kamyar Emami has recently undertaken the position of EMRC Managing Director. On this occasion, members of the company held a ceremony on September 15 in which the new managing director of EMRC was introduced.

“Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, Managing Director of dnaunion Group” was one of the members present at the ceremony to introduce Kamyar Emami as the Managing Director of EMRC. In a brief speech he told the participants in the ceremony: “In the past two years EMRC has left behind days of full effort, experience and success. The success of this company with respect to the efficient manpower gathered in this complex and the stability which is viewed in this company is quite visible. Therefore, at present the situation emerging for EMRC provides the possibility for a great leap in the market. These conditions have been provided through coordination and cooperation of local staff of EMRC. The staff whose aim is progress of their organization and each company is proud of having such workforce. The success of EMRC is the result of hard work of its forces and their belief in their organization.” Pashapour Nikoo went on to say: “EMRC, as a market research company with regard to is present trend has anticipated a brilliant future for itself in the market. The company is growing day by day in its workspace; a growth which is also shared by the staff of the organization who will also grow simultaneously with EMRC. The dnaunion as the parent company will exert utmost efforts to provide satisfactory working condition for the staff of EMRC as its subordinate company. I hope in the years to come EMRC will be more successful and this company will take greater strides. Meanwhile, the senior managers of EMRC account for a considerable part of this success. They have also left behind hard days to reach the present situation of the company and therefore they should be specifically appreciated. The senior managers have guaranteed trust of the customers in EMRC and have provided a good workspace for the new employees.”

Pashapour further remarked: “We have gathered here today to officially introduce Kamyar Emami as the Managing Director of EMRC. I hope that the staff of EMRC will support their new manager in order to reach the peaks of success and cooperate with him in this course. Also, I hope that the long-term programs which have been planned for EMRC will be realized in coming years and additional units of this company in other specialized fields would become operational. In the end I wish success for all the members of the Board of Directors and colleagues of the EMRC Company.”

Kamyar Emami, the new Managing Director of EMRC, was the next speaker who appreciated the uninterrupted support of the dnaunion managing director and said: “For the position that EMRC Company is now standing, I should be thankful to the members of the Board of Directors and employees of the company. EMRC is comprised of experts and professional members and certainly with such staff the future is inspiring and the customers in coming years will receive better and more services from this company.”