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Tehran Agro-Food Exhibition is an appropriate opportunity to showcase the latest achievements of the companies which are active in the food industry. Bijan Food Industry Company has recently unveiled three new products (barbecue sauce, potato sauce and mayonnaise zero sauce) in this exhibition. The design and ideation of the event for unveiling these products in the Agro-Food Exhibition was launched by the “DMN-A Brand Experience Agency”. About this event, we had a talk with Ahmad Arvan, the Project Account Manager from the DMN-A Brand Experience Agency which follows:

Q: Would you please comment on the initial brief of brand Bijan?

The grand Bijan complex referred to the DMN Company for the unveiling of its latest products in the Agro-Food Exhibition. In the initial brief, Bijan Complex announced that it is looking for a solution that could, in the fastest possible time, launch attractive operations for the unveiling of the products and create a memorable experience for its audience.

Q: What solution did you present?

With regard to our time limit for this project, the DMN Creative Studio proposed making a maquette and display it at the Agro-Food Exhibition and eventually, due to the time limit and preferences of the client, the plan was implemented in the form of demonstrating the Marquette.

Also, the proposal for making the maquette was for the purpose of enabling Bijan to appear differently in the exhibition and attract the attention of the audience and thus create a different experience of attending the exhibition.

Q: What procedures did you adopt in the implementation phase?

After the negotiations with the Bijan Department of Consumer Affairs, implementation of the project started from the DMN Creative Studio, and after ideation and presentation of designs, the production unit started to make the maquettes and eventually on the day of implementation the DMN Production and Implementation Unit attended the Bijan stand in the Agro-Food Exhibition and the unveiling ceremony of the new Bijan products was held in the presence of the prominent TV presenter and famous actor Amin Hayaei.

Q: What tools did you use for the implementation phase?

In order to provide information for this project, a video content was produced by the Bijan Complex which was shared on the social media.

Q: Tell us about the feedbacks?

The Bijan Complex received a positive feedback from the DMN Company for the unveiling ceremony of its new products in the Agro-Food Exhibition. Also, by attending the exhibition at the time of the implementation of the project, we were witness to the positive feedback of the audience and those present in the event and we are pleased that we were able to create a memorable experience for them.