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75% Increase in Local Currency Price of Baby Diapers

Markets of many commodities have experienced severe inflammation in recent months and people have been witness to the manifold rise in the price of different goods. One of the news making items of such a restless period was the baby diapers. An essential commodity the sudden shortage of which in the market was reported mouth-to-mouth which caused concern for many families and faced planning for active businesses in this area with challenge. Businesses that need to have accurate survey and informative data for moving in such a market.

The Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC) takes advantage of an important tool for the evaluation and survey of market fluctuations. Retail audit is an important tool sale managers can use in businesses to gain access to their sales and market share. On the other hand, the Retail audit data outlines the limits of the movement of the businesses and brands can follow the movement trend of their competitors through it. The final data of the Retail audit is accurate and attributable and businesses can make decision based on them. Also, retail audit shows the business market opportunities and vacuum and tells them how to fill the gap of the market. Through this important tool, the EMRC has been reviewing the fluctuations in the diaper market over the past two years with the following results:


Tangible Change in Baby Diapers Market

According to a survey conducted by the Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC), over the past two years, there has been a marked change in the size and IRR value of the market for baby diapers. It should be noted that in the survey conducted, the baby diaper product is divided into two parts: normal pad diapers (conventional adhesive diapers) and insert baby diapers (older adhesive free cheaper diapers). Also, in this study, the number of diapers presented and sold in the market during the two-year period have been evaluated.

According to the data collected, although the size of the baby diapers retail market increased in the short period of Aban-Azar (October-December) 2018 up to Bahman-Esfand (January-March) 2019, however over the past year, we have witnessed a 28% decrease in the sales of baby diapers in the market. For example, the product over the past two years has experienced a significant sales decline and out of 121.56 million pads of diapers fell to 81.70 million diaper pads.

Also, in the past year, baby diapers (normal pad) accounted for 92% of the market and the insert baby diapers accounted only for 8% of the market.


Baby Diapers Rial Fluctuations

The increase in the price of baby diapers in the past year is not hidden to anyone: An upsurge that has faced a lot of reactions and has confronted business in this field with problem. According to the survey conducted it became clear that the growing increase in the price of baby diapers in the past year (Bahman-Esfand 1397 compared to Bahman-Esfand 1396) has led to a 75% increase in the rial market.

According to the survey, baby diapers sold 141.32 billion tomans in Bahman-Esfand 1397, which registered a significant increase over the same period a year earlier, Bahman-Esfand 1396, (80.83 billion tomans).

Also, during the one-year period, from 2017 up to the January and February 2019, in the entire baby diapers market, the normal pad baby diapers dominated over 97 percent of the rial market and the insert diapers only 3% of that market.

In sum, although the diaper market has faced a decline in the sales during the period under study, it has gained a remarkable increase in its local currency price.