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AAV School Holds Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is the new language of offering solutions to customers and today not knowing the language is tantamount to being illiterate.

The AAV School in continuation of its efforts to update the knowledge of dnaunion staff held a course on digital marketing. Ata Parsa, the lecturer of this course, outlines the objective of holding the course and its nature:

“The market tendency towards further application of the digital tools as well as the operation of Zerotex Company at dnaunion prompted us to think of the effects that digital marketing can have on the mechanisms presented to our customers. The record of “Eshareh Advertising Agency” and its successful experiences in traditional campaigns as well as Magnolia as a brisk and innovative agency which has obtained good experience in the field of digital marketing, further encouraged us to hold the first digital marketing course at AAV School and called the course “Basics of Digital Marketing”.

“Our main purpose was to train colleagues from the customer care and media units and as most campaigns conducted by Eshareh Agency were of traditional nature therefore the digital environment was somehow strange for the company staff. However, the Magnolia team had good experience in this regard and these two teams, together with Zerotex turned the course into a training workshop.

“In view of some of the staff the website was a static page with fixed application and thus they were not much informed of the activities which could be conducted on this platform. The virtual world for them was confined to the Facebook and YouTube. They would welcome the one-way connection but the cyberspace is a two-way communication and for this reason it has made rapid growth in recent years.

“I tried to use the latest information and educational content for the course and for this reason the educational content was received from the Oxford Marketing College and I used the best case studies conducted by international agencies in the past 3 years.

“The output of this term was summarized in three areas: definition of the role of digital marketing in the mixed modern marketing, principles of digital campaigns, and finally, the role digital communication plays in campaigns.

“We started from the basic concepts in marketing and continued with the developments of marketing communication in digital spaces. We tried to find answers to the questions such as what are the strong and weak points of digital marketing. We also believed that media planning is definitely in line with the communicative strategy of that campaign and nothing separate.

“While presenting communicative and control tools or the same measurement of the indicators, we presented the campaign platforms, role of the social networks and the process of communication of these cases. We wanted the staff to first become familiarized with the technology and then reach the key role of the content.

“We then made a list of the indicators that must be heeded in a digital campaign and compared the successful new and old campaigns. In digital media, we have access to a specific target group. We know the audience exactly. Apart from this, the measurement indicators are also important. What is the purpose of digital campaign? Are we supposed to be seen by a specific number of people? Are a specific number of people supposed to follow our page? Are we after collecting data or being seen? The objective for reaching the indicators to measure return on investment (ROI) is highly important. This was also important for us. How much the customers are supposed to invest and what would they receive in return?

“We reviewed 10 case studies of the digital campaigns of the famous world agencies, we saw the strong and weak points and finally studies localization of the case studies in Iran. Localization of an international campaign is important in that the main objective or the basic idea should be preserved. Later, we reached the content which is highly important and the point that each digital media has its own specific language.

“The next step was implementation of an operational project about a real product. The question was what digital mechanisms would they propose for the entry of Nesquik to the Iranian market? Mr. Pakravan, the Advertising and Promotion Manager at Nestle delivered a professional briefing and the staff started to work. We formed five teams with five members each who were expected to present proposals for the briefing at a specific time.

“The outputs were attractive and unexpected for us and the Nestle team. Perhaps the only fault was lack of enough attention to the measurement indicators.

“On the whole, I am satisfied with the result of the work and I think after this course the idea of the staff about this phenomenon has greatly changed.”