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AAV School Holds Digital Marketing Course

Tehran Hosts 1st Publicity Management Conference

Tehran University’s Faculty of Management was host to the first conference on publicity management on June 9.

Dr. Masoud Keimasi, the scientific secretary of the conference described promotion of publicity knowledge and the importance of marketing in trade and commercial activities and even non-profit and political endeavors one of the most important approaches of the conference.

Addressing the conference, he noted that the event was a unique opportunity for a group discussion and brainstorming ideas among publicity industry executive authorities, university lecturers, and publicity centers and agencies.

Keimasi classified the publicity industry challenges in Iran into four categsories: Owners of advertisements; publicity agencies; the media; and publicity executive environment. “The problem is that in numerous cases, the educational background of advertisement owners is irrelevant and this prompts them to raise illogical demands. Moreover, the publicity agencies concentrate mainly on graphic and design activities. This is while publicity is an inter-disciplinary knowledge and a successful publicity agency should also benefit from experts in communication, sociology, psychology, advertising and marketing fields.”

Commenting on the importance of the media, Dr. Keimasi said one of the main challenges facing the publicity industry is that the media atmosphere is not transparent. “Circulation figures for the print media and the number of Radio/TV audiences in Iran are not released and this deprives advertisement owners and publicity agencies of access to precise information.”

Another speaker at the conference was Safa Seirafi, instructor of media planning techniques in Iran and a former dnaunion director.

He said the money spent on publicity in Iran compared to its capacity is little. Interestingly, he added, a major portion of the publicity budget is invested irregularly. “For the same reason, many of the publicity campaigns would not produce the results expected by the investors.”
On the sideline of the conference, a workshop under the theme of “media planning techniques and parameters” was held for the participants by Safa Seirafi.

Speaking to dnaunion reporter, Seirafi said in Iran’s publicity industry today, there are no media planning experts in the sense it is common in the world. Of course, he noted, the courses held in AAV Marketing School could train experts for employment in publicity firms and agencies.”

He also said more than 90 percent of the publicity budget goes to the media and that too is somehow wasted. There is almost no investment in creativity sector. The media is a container and plays a communicative role. The concept the media conveys is significant. In fact, the content and the media complement one another. The media would be meaningless without the content and creativity sectors. But unfortunately this concept has not been grasped in Iranian publicity.”