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Imported Fruit Juice Brand Share Reduction in Iran Market

1001 Branding; Barij Essence, Essentially Intertwined with Nature

Barij Essence has been re-branded by “Eshareh Branding House” (1001 Branding). Through this project the Barij Essence market research, strategy planning, and visual and verbal identity re-definition were recorded in a brand book.

According to Narguess Keshavarznia Barij Essence project manager from 1001 Branding: Barij essence was founded in 1992 through the efforts of the late Hossein Hejazi who is known as the father of the Iranian Essence Industry. The aim of the company was to produce herb based drugs, cosmetics, and nutritious products. He founded ten more companies to support Barij Essence in all the stages from supply to distribution, and also to supply quality raw material for Barij.

Barij Essence is one of the forerunners in the field of herbal drugs in Iran. They have constantly tried to wed their activities to the latest technologies. The company is science-based and has maintained good communications with universities and graduates in the fields related to its activities. Barij Essence who holds a considerable market share has decided to launch a re-branding project and to introduce a new face to the new generation. As a result they approached 1001 Branding to help them with the re-branding project. Barij Essence aims to switch the approach in the herbal drugs industry from traditional to modern; and to use their knowledge of herbal drugs, healthy products, and healthy lifestyle to raise awareness in the audience.

Barij Essence Chief Audience: B & C1 End-User Groups

Keshavarznia also added: Extensive research was conducted early in the project -based on the brand motor model which is an innovation by 1001 Branding- to identify Barij Essence main audience interests, needs, and insights regarding herbal drugs as contrasted to chemical drugs. Analysis of the audience points of view, needs, and desires was our guiding star in discovering and suggesting brand values. Quantitive and quality research showed B and C1 social groups, who seek a healthy lifestyle, as the brand main audience. Physicians and drug-store owners were also included as the secondary brand audience.

From the Heart of Nature on the Orbit of Science

Having passed the mentioned stages, the next step was brand strategy planning and defining sections such as brand values, their priority, brand identity, and etc. In this regard, I can add that according to the research data we realized that people use herbal drugs for reasons other than treatment, and these drugs also have preventive functions. In other words, using herbal drugs contributes to having a healthy lifestyle. Based on the research data the brand value was defined as such: Barij Essence provides the consumers with a feeling of peace and comfort that goes beyond treatment. A peace of mind which is the distinctive factor of the herbal drugs from the chemical ones. For defining the brand position in this project we realized that herbal drugs have multi-dimensional benefits such as contributing to a healthy lifestyle and preventing diseases. As a result of these benefits herbal drugs are used for purposes other than treatment, and since these drugs are extracted from nature, they have a positive effect on the consumers’ lives.

Therefore, while the herbal drugs industry brands interact with their audience solely for treatment purposes, the Barij Essene brand is for the modern consumers who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, and promotion of their living level and that of their families. The Barij Essence brand personality was accordingly defined as protective and productive.  Productive means that the brand is constantly seeking innovation and introducing new products, and protective means that the brand compassionately seeks the well-being and welfare of its consumers. Having defined the brand personality/identity and the brand position we focused on the brand essence.  The essence of the Barij Essence brand was defined as a life “intertwined with nature”. The brand essence became a basis to keep brand communication, visual identity, and design integrated for all the brand items. One can feel the flow of nature in all of the brand designs, colors, textures, and tag-lines.

To achieve a uniform package design for each of the treatment and cosmetic groups, elements such as imagery, textures, and patterns were used. To emphasize the presence of herbs in the essence of the drugs we employed minimalistic imagery of flowers and leaves on the packages. Such imagery associates a sense of the product being natural to the buyers.

The brand tag-line “From the Heart of Nature on the Orbit of Science” was also very successful in communicating the brand identity and value of being science-based.

The Parties Involved in Barij Essence Re-branding Project:

Research and Strategy Planning: Kerameh Ranjbar, Mahsa Hossein Mirza’ee, Nargs Keshavarznia

Creative and Design: Elnaz Behravesh, Nasim Dana, Mina Hosseini, Bahar Shabany