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Magnolia: A Year of Elevation

Sweet Taste of Statistics in EMRC New Year Gift

The Nowruz gift from Emrooz Market Research Company (EMRC) had a sweet taste. A gift that was the reminder of statistics and information, and the audience upon receiving it remembered the field of  EMRC activity.

Hoda Arooni, speaking about the Nowruz gift on behalf of the EMRC, said the company, for the past years, has been trying to present gifts that are in harmony with its products. Last year, the company’s Nowruz gift was related to its longitudinal research X*Trim, and this year, it was a reminiscent of X*POS longitudinal research which was donated to the EMRC customers and audience: A gift that upon receiving would remind the audience about the data, the chart and the market research tools. The Nowruz gift is a box in the pie chart shape in which the share of the EMRC is bigger than other sections. Such a share indicates that the EMRC is active in a significant segment of the market, and extracts complete information and puts it at the disposal of the businesses. Inside the packaging and the gift had been filled with colored chocolates.

The gift was accompanied by a card. A card on which it was written, “During our lives, there are events, opportunities, happy and tragic times, while we often just watch without any effort. But you can get up and see what things are available, and by knowing what is developing, we can enhance our awareness of life and taste its sweetness more.

“With first-hand statistics and information and knowledge of events and changes, we can make better decisions and further increase our market share. We wish you a sweet year full of the sweet taste of sweetness.”

The text reminded the audience that with accurate data and information, brilliant results can be obtained from the market: Statistics that keep businesses aware of the market changes and show them accurately the way forward.