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Towards the Future with Formulation of 2017 Strategy

Formulation of strategies for organizations in the years the country is facing relative economic recession becomes very important. On this basis, companies of the dnaunion group gathered together in order to formulate their strategies for the year 1396 (2017-2018).

At the meeting for the formulation of strategy of the dnaunion group’s companies the strategic and management teams from Magnolia, Eshareh, EMRC and DMN companies were present.

Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, dnaunion CEO and Jamshid Alamouti were the main organizers of the session. Formulation of strategy will significantly help companies in line with identification of the main target, plans and measures of the organization for the realization of the long and short-term strategies.

In this session of the dnaunion group’s companies, in addition to the main policies of the companies of the group the future trend and plans were also specified. The enthusiasm of the participants in the session had given them double energy to express their mechanisms and experiences.

The participants in the session made efforts to outline and plan their future businesses on the basis of global principles for the year 1396 (2017/2018).

Upgrading the marketing level in the region is among the key targets of the dnaunion group and formulation of an efficient strategy in this regard is highly important for the companies of the group.

The dnaunion group has tried to soundly guide its companies in the direction of formulating their own strategy through holding intensive and efficient meetings. Surely, such an approach will also improve efficiency of the people as well.

The two-day meeting, which was planned in the form of a workshop, is held by the dnaunion group annually in the closing months of the year. The main four groups, after implementing the group work, at the end of the two days defended their strategy plan and responded to the questions and challenges which were put forward.

It should be noted that the meeting was the beginning of the activity for drawing up the strategy for the year 1396 and in future steps until the end of the current year, 1395, this plan will be completed in order to be prepared for practical and applied implementation in the year 1396.