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Beat the Drum of Happiness, Spring Is Coming!

The sound of the footsteps of the spring with the delightful sound of the bass drum of happyunion echoed in the entire dnaunion land. The current year was passed in the twinkling of an eye and one should put on new clothing for attending the yearend ceremony: A ceremony with the happyunion as its harbinger.

The happyunion has brought with it the smell of spring blooms and by arriving at any company it would make a pleasant sound: A sound that promises the appointment of a new Mir (king): A Mir who was appointed from among the staff of the companies and according to the norm of each year, was expected to make a memorable day for all. The story of appointing a Mir takes everyone back into ancient Persia. A period in the closing days of which and in order to have a happy day, the king would be appointed from among the citizens of a city and would rule the entire city for a short period of time.

Now, the Mirs of the dnaunion group are making their colleagues happy by their attractive programs: Programs that were often performed by the group and showed how to be together with a good group could make one happy. The story of the Mirs continued until the sunset.

With all these descriptions, members of the group are preparing themselves for the yearend ceremony: A ceremony that is a meeting place for making new promises and commitments for making a bright future.