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A member of the dnaunion family, 1001 Branding Agency, has forged a long-term agreement with Dalfa (Dena Aluminum Company). As per the agreement, 1001 Branding Agency will spearhead Dalfa’s branding and marketing efforts. Furthermore, it will establish and expand Dalfa’s R&D division.

Dalfa CEO Ashkan Soltani says, “Establishing a constant brand identity for the company has been on top of our agenda. For doing so we have enlisted the expertise of 1001 Branding Agency. Furthermore, we aim to expand our research and development department through the collaboration with 1001 Branding Agency.”

“Prior to forging a contract with 1001 Branding Agency, we had negotiated with other companies about the same project. However we were impressed by proposals set forward by 1001 Branding Agency and its impressive track record of success,” Soltani added.

He also noted, “Considering quality of services offered by the 1001 Branding Agency, we at Dalfa have decided to expand our collaboration with the company.”

Yasamin Karimpour from 1001 Branding Agency says, “Through the collaboration, Dena Aluminum Company was rebranded as Dalfa. That was a major step. Furthermore, the company plans to expand the range of its operations. That is why its R&D department needs to be expanded.”

According to Karimpour, a new brand strategy was devised for Dalfa through numerous meetings with the company’s managers. Furthermore, for establishing a deep understanding of the sector, strategies of well-known international brands active in the field were reviewed by 1001 Branding Agency.

She says that Dalfa is a pioneer company that readily adapts to market developments. Moreover, the company, having a strong foothold in the domestic market, is capable of shaping trends.

“Teamwork is among the core values of Dalfa,” Karimpour says adding, “We wanted to incorporate that into the brand identity and strategy.”

She also noted that Dalfa is mostly focused on business-to-business services. “When devising brand identity for B2B firms you should have this fact in mind that their operations and customers differ from business-to-customer firms.”

Karimpour also noted that Dalfa has been the first Iranian business active in the housing sector that has started extensively investing in branding. She believes that the investment would contribute to the company’s sustainable growth.

Kianoosh Tanha, art director of 1001 Branding Agency says, “During our first meetings, it was determined that Dena Aluminum Company wanted to change its brand name and logo. Through talks and research, we agreed on ‘Dalfa’ as the new brand name. A flying Goose was also picked as the firm’s logo. We tried to reflect the company’s values through both logo and brand name.”