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dnaunion Join All 4 Youth Alliance

The dnaunion has joined the “All 4 Youth” alliance which tries to empower university graduates by offering them training. The alliance tries to bridge the gap between the academia and industries.

Seven businesses and industrial companies have forged an alliance for empowering university graduates dubbed “All 4 Youth”. The decision was announced by CEO of dnaunion Nasser Pashapour Nikoo during an event held in Tehran and attended by managers of the alliance member companies, prominent scientific figures, and well-known academicians.

During the event Pashapour noted that contributing to the initiative is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility programs, and said, “Coaching and training young talents, in other words investing in human resources, is the most fruitful investment companies can make. The ‘All 4 Youth’ alliance walks along these lines and aims to foster the talents of young graduates.”

The business magnate noted that if leading corporations join forces and establish a united front, “projects like the ‘All 4 Youth’ can yield brilliant results.”

He also highlighted the importance of trusting younger generations. “We need to have faith in the youth. That’s what we have been doing for many generations in the healthcare sector. We trust medical school graduates with our time, money and most importantly our health. And they have proven to be up to the task.”

According to Pashapour, the same approach should be applied in all walks of business. “We need to trust them and give them an opportunity to shine.”

The company CEO further said that the gap between businesses and academia must be bridged. “This would facilitate the training of expert graduates who are well prepared to enter the job market.”

Social Responsibility Programs

Human Resource Development manager at dnaunion Abolfazl Zamani says, “As part of our social responsibility programs we have introduced Occupational dnaunion Tour (aka ODT).”

The program provides young educated people with a chance to get familiar with the advertisement industry and establish a better understanding of the sector and the skills needed to get a job in the field.

Zamani notes, “Nestle managers who were well aware of our concerns and agenda called on us to join the ‘All 4 Youth’ alliance. We have welcomed the prospect and hope to play a more proactive role in empowering the younger generations to boost their skills and get a job in the industry.”

According to him, by integrating resources of the alliance members and establishing a joint roadmap the companies can significantly increase the impact of their social responsibility programs.

“Furthermore, when leading companies join hands for such a cause and establish a united front, they would be able to assuredly enlist the support of other firms and academic institutions,” he adds.

He is of the opinion that such an alliance can bolster collaborations between businesses and academia.

To attain all these goals, the alliance has set forward a multi-layer strategy.

Establishing efficient collaborations between the companies and universities has been put high on the agenda. This would enable the alliance members and their partners in academia to provide younger generations with proper training. The ultimate goal of this measure is helping students develop skills they need to get a job in the future.

The alliance is also set to create an opportunity for young educates to tap the know-how these companies have cultivated over time. This would help them expand their capabilities.

Furthermore, solutions and mechanisms are to be envisaged that would help youngsters enter the job market more readily.

Many of these young talents will also be provided with a chance to get recruited in alliance member companies.

Several goals have been set for the alliance which are hoped to be attained by 2025.

One of the goals is encouraging other leading firms to join the alliance. Zamani says, “Hopefully, by 2025 the number of alliance members will reach 20 companies.”

The alliance hopes to expand its ties with the academia as well. The number of alliance partners in academia is set to reach 30 universities and scientific centers.

Furthermore, three creative workshops will be held during this time which will aim to develop the skills of the young participants.

The program’s reach and social impact are hoped to observe a significant surge as well. “The number of affected youngsters is to reach 20,000 from the current 6000,” Zamani says.

At the end of the meeting, a memorandum of understanding was signed between CEOs of the seven companies, followed by a Q&A panel, chaired by Sam Kordia, CEO of PGt advertising agency.

CEOs and representatives of the seven companies took questions during the panel. Those present were: CEO of dnaunion Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, Nestle Iran CEO Josepe Carla, Alexandre Jule, senior financial manager at Bel Rouzaneh, Roman Melesh CEO of Tejarat Sharq Industries, Hyper Star CEO Thierry Julian, Herrou Hassan CEO of Novartis Pharma Services, and Assiye Mir, spokesperson of Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce.