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Molped Not Just a Regular Brand; It Knows What Women Need!

All women are in a different mood in terms of emotional experience a few days in a month. The mood is the result of hormone fluctuations that are developed in their body. In those days, women are in need of more companionship, an accompaniment that brands producing women-related products certainly play an important role in it.

The Molped brand, a product of the Pars Hayat Company which is producer of hygienic pads for women in an interesting move has started running an advertising campaign in line with its social responsibility. The campaign has been planned and is being implemented by the Magnolia Advertising Agency from the dnaunion group.

Assal Nikzad, Brand Manager of Molped from Pars Hayat Company, speaking about the promotional trend of the brand said: “The Molped brand as of last year has decided to implement a series of new marketing measures. The brand, in line with these measures, because of the restrictions for advertising this kind of product had no chance to take advantage of the media such as outdoor media and the TV. For the same reason, it has tried to use the online space, screen advertising clips on the digital space and go for sampling. The Molped brand, in line with its sampling programs, has put its products at the disposal of the customers in different and attractive packages at various shopping centers such as the Hyperstar at Bakeri Expressway.

“Also, for virtual space, especially Instagram, the brand has prepared detailed and diversified programs. For the Instagram page of Molped brand, some content with educational tips proportional with women’s menstrual period has been prepared. Tips such as how women can feel more relaxed during their period or what kind of beverage and herbal tea they could use. Publication of the educational content attracted the attention of 1500 fans in three months. The Molped brand, in line with its activities, tries to remove concerns of its customers.

“One such important concern for women is the time of their menstrual period. To this end, Molped has prepared the telegram robot and has put it at their disposal. Through this robot, women can receive answers to their different questions. In this journal, interesting subjects have been published about different sicknesses of women. Close to 127 thousand people visited the robot in a short period of time. All the mentioned cases in the first phase of the campaign have been planned and implemented.

“Molped which, prior to the start of the first phase of its activity, had promoted the design of the packaging and quality of the product and had changed its group of audience focused on the young girls who had recently experienced menstruation in order to further accompany them, decided to help the young girls as their best sincere friend and thus reduce the problems in this period. The Molped, like a good companion and a sincere friend of the audience group, tries to make the group trust in Molped and share their happiness and sorrow.

“This phase of the campaign started with the release of a film on the digital space. The film has been produced in the motherland of Molped, Turkey, and has been released on the digital space after slight changes and loading of Farsi songs to suit the internal conditions. The hashtag and theme “you are a friend, a world” has been selected for the Molped brand. In the first phase of the campaign, the audience was invited to participate in a competition.

“In this competition the Instagram audience was asked to complete the second part of the song of the commercial with a theme on their own initiative and send it to the group. Each week awards were given to the winners of the competition. After this stage, the number of followers of the Instagram page increased to 3600. The audience has so far accorded a good welcome to the camp and has supported it. During this period, the Molped brand has remained beside the audience and has answered their different questions. The Molped brand for the second phase of the campaign has other attractive programs which would be screened in future.”