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happyunion Aid Sent to Survivors of Kermanshah Quake

Quake aftershocks still continue in the west of the country. Tragic news is still coming one after another and shakes the spirit of all Iranians: Aftershocks that the more they become in number the stronger the unity of the people in extending relief aid to the quake hit areas.

The dnaunion group of companies in partnership with the happyunion group has joined the massive number of contributors and shares the tragedy that has affected our compatriots in the quake hit areas in the west of the country.

Minutes after learning about the catastrophic incident the dna group of companies began sending their aid to the team in charge of collecting aid to our affected countrymen and countrywomen. The welcome to help was so high that relief aid officials had to extend the deadline for delivering aid a number of times. Some people devoted the money they had put aside for oblation to the quake stricken people. With the cash contribution six conex shelters were purchased and sent to the quake-hit areas.

Members of the happyunion group collected various items including blankets, canned food, mineral water, medicine, sleeping bags, health care, etc., and dispatched them to the western regions hit by the quake after properly packing them. The team members thus extended their sympathy to the survivors and tried to create a spark of hope in the heart of the victims of this heartrending event: An event that is hoped will be forgotten once these bitter cold days are left behind and replaced by a future full of brightness.