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EMRC unveiled the results of its first round of “Household Panel” research

After months of research, Emrouz Marketing Research Company (emrc) has designed and launched the Household panel research tool for the first time in Iran with the collaboration of Av Innovation Center, EMRC has begun to report the results of the tool’s utilization since Ordibehesht 1400.

The tool’s primary concept was formed to answer the customers’ need to have access to reliable data displaying the change progress of households’/users’ approach and behavior in short term and long term.

Producers and companies can utilize this tool for a more vivid image of the target’s group behavior, alongside cross-sectional studies and also a better understanding of the behavior changes in a timeline.

To achieve this, The Household panel provides household with an application named “cabinet”. The household can record each grocery shop easily by a panel called “Today’s families – Khanevadeye Emrouziha” for users’ registration. Households who register in this panel are recorded according to their demographical data and start using the application.

The output data of Household panel is useful to businesses involved in FMCG field and medicine providers. Household panel is now utilized by a number of big companies in the national market.

from: emrc