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Eshareh Starts New Round of Advertising for Telavang

Telavang is a recognized company known for its eggs and other egg-related products. The company, after being away from the scene of advertising, has now started a new round of activities within the framework of a widespread campaign. The campaign has been designed and implemented by the “Eshareh Advertising Agency”. To get more detailed information about the campaign, we interviewed “Vahid Yari”, the Marketing Manager of Telavang Company, “Shahrokh Moeini”, the Project Creativity Manager and “Sheida Shahrokhi”, the Account Manager of Telavang campaign from Eshareh Advertising Agency:


Telavang Company Conversion Products

Talking about the recent function of Telavang Company, Vahid Yari said: “Telavang is the first company in the egg market to focus on brand design and advertising activities, and has executed different plans in this field. In the calendar year 1380 (2001-2002), the company launched massive advertising in various media outlets such as the TV. Meanwhile, Telavang has had special focus on innovation and production of conversion products and has presented different achievements to the market. Products such as the pasteurized liquid egg whites, Telaroll (cooked white egg), Telawich and so on are the different achievements Telavang has recently made and the company will gradually launch them in the market. Therefore, it can be said that Telavang had entered into a new phase of marketing and advertising activities: Advertisements that, in addition to introducing products, remind the audience of the name of Telavang.”

Yari continued by saying: “Telavang plans to introduce Telawich product to the market formally in the month of Ramadan. To this end, a campaign has been designed and implemented by the Eshareh Advertising Agency which heralds launching of the innovative products of Telavang Company and the return of Telavang to the publicity arena of the country.”


Telawich, A Healthy & Delicious Sandwich

Commenting on the Telawich product, Yari said: “Many sandwiches in the market consist of non-healthy substances: Substances that have caused many people, especially those with diabetes and blood lipids, not to use them. Telawitch is a healthy and nutritious sandwich which is made of eggs: A sandwich with no oil used in it and made by using a specific technology and has a delicious flavor. The sandwich consists of three egg whites, bulk bread and Gouda cheese.


Display of Products on Different Occasions

Sheida Shahrokhi, the Account Manager of the Telavang campaign from Eshareh Advertising Agency, said: “Telavang Company had requested the design and implementation of a campaign to bring it back to the advertising scene. The aim of the campaign was to recall the name of Telavang through presentation of Telawitch product. Now, with regard to product demand model (Telawich), the month of Ramadan is a good opportunity to introduce the product and the audiences will remember Telavang brand.

In this campaign and with the aim of covering different audience groups, three different designs have been used. Three designs which have been made by focusing on the campaign message and its theme (a healthy and delicious alternative) and on the basis of focusing on the consumer behavior and using the product in different occasions for those who care about their health.

Further elaborating on the three designs of the Telavang campaign, Shahrokhi said: “In the three promotional designs efforts were made to show parts of the group of the audience and the place where the product is being consumed. For example, in the design for the workplace, we showed how much Telawitch consumption can be quick and easy. In another design, a mother is shown while putting a sandwich in the school bag. By implementing this plan, we have referred to the healthiness of the product. In another design an athlete is shown while exercising. With this design, we have focused on the nutritious and high protein content of the product. These three promotional designs have been shown to the public through peripheral media and metro stations. In addition to the media mentioned, the sales items such as poster, dangler, wobbler, and shelf talker have also been designed for the Telavang campaign.

As for the theme of the campaign, Shahrokhi said: “Telawitch is healthier as compared to the similar products in the market due to its ingredients, which has led us to use terms such as alternative, healthy and delicious in designing the slogan.


“A Healthy & Delicious Alternative”

The Marketing Manager of Telavang Company also commented on the theme of the campaign and said: “A healthy and delicious alternative” is a theme designed for the campaign. The word alternative in this theme refers to the unhealthy sandwiches that are made of sausage and salami: Sandwiches that can be replaced by Telawitch. The word healthy refers to the healthy raw materials that have been used in the preparation of Telawitch.

It should be noted that no preservative has been used in preparation of Telawich. The egg white contains an enzyme that naturally plays the role of the conservative. Interestingly, the egg white is being used as the preservative for pharmaceutical products. In addition, the word healthy in the slogan refers to the lack of oil use in the preparation of the product and its low hydrocarbon. The word delicious is also used in the slogan based on the outlook of the audience to the egg sandwich. Some consumers resist against the initial use of the product. We also found in our research that consumers think that healthy products are not delicious. Therefore, in the slogan we transparently told the audience that Telawitch, in addition to being healthy, is delicious as well.


Production of Diversified Products

Commenting on the reasons for offering new egg-based products to the market by Telavang Company, Yari said: “Production of conversion items from the original product is a development that can be experienced in other areas of the market, too. For example, producers in the dairy industry will no longer sell raw milk and other products such as yogurt drink, cream, etc. are produced and supplied to the market. Egg production is similar, and diversified products can be made from egg and sent to the market. The production of egg products that is less developed and Telavang has for the first time made such an effort. The audience identified egg producers with just one product and supposed that these groups of producers would sell the raw material. Therefore, there a big vacuum in the Iranian market: A market that could have presented diversified products and a rich source of protein to the customers: Products that are richer than dairy products and lack lactic acid. This group of products is produced outside the country and has a good market, but they are unprotected in Iran and are not produced. Now, Telavang, after detailed research works, is trying to produce this group of products according to the taste of the Iranians and add the item to their food baskets.”


Designing a Simple & Uncomplicated Message

Shahrokh Moeini, the Project Creativity Manager of Telavang campaign from Eshareh Advertising Agency said: “Telavang has returned to the advertising arena of the country after several years: A new advertisement that is expected to recall the brand Telavang for the audience in addition to introducing the new product. In this campaign the brand intended to focus on the name of the product and only highlight the name of Telavang. Our group looked at the subject matter from different angles and presented a variety of ideas. In the ideation stage we considered the claims the product could make and outlined different paths for transmitting the message. One of the claims of the product was its healthiness. It was not a diet product, but it was much healthier than the junk foods and therefore it could be a good alternative for those snacks. So, the product could easily claim being healthy. In addition, the product packaging form was such that the consumer could easily carry it anywhere. On the other hand, the product could claim it was delicious and nutritious due to its high protein content.”

Moeini further remarked: “In order to convey the message of the brand to the audience, three paths were taken. The three paths in which health, convenient use and being nutritious were shown. The three paths I mentioned were engineered after talks with executives of Telavang and were displayed on artworks. To show the paths to the audience we decided to illustrate a cut of life. In the three pictures, we showed to the audience that they can easily use the product at any place. Places like school, workplace or the sports clubs. Therefore, in this campaign, we talked with the audience far from any complexity and transmitted the message to them. However, the product has been introduced as a snack and its benefits should have been explained in comparison with other snacks. As a result, in the advertising theme focus has been made on the healthiness, nutritious and delicacy of the product.