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FourMind: A Bird from Simurg in ourunion Program

In early May, the dnaunion group hosted new members of its family, Four Mind, within the framework of ourunion program: A program that has been turned into a steady custom for the introduction and further acquaintance with the members of the dnaunion group. Members of the Four Mind Advertising Company have given fresh energy to the group and we are expected to hear a lot of news about their successful activities from now on.

The Four Mind is an active company in the field of marketing communications that has so far employed its expertise in building a better image of its clients before their audiences. The company says its aim is to focus on developing its own services and providing premium communication services within its business.

Members of the Four Mind Company attended the ourunion program and were informed of the values of the dnaunion family: values that one should be committed to in order to reach a common goal. In addition, those present in the program were acquainted with the history of the group filled with ups and downs and its unique features. The subject presented to the attendees reminded that for the realization of the targets they are a bird out of Simurg (30 birds) and the family needs them for flying high over the peaks of success.