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Experience Professional Photography with Huawei P10 Smartphone Leica Camera

Nowadays, taking high quality and professional photos has assumed dual importance in the life of the audience due to the presence of social networks — photos that some of the audiences of the social networks try to take by using professional cameras but carrying professional cameras is not always possible and their use has been turned into a big challenge for the audience. To solve this problem most of the people resort to their smartphone cameras — cameras which have disappointed these people due to their low quality.

The Huawei brand by offering P10 cell phone has removed the problem for its customers. In this cell phone the Leica camera has been used, a camera which photographers, especially photojournalists, know it well. The Huawei brand in order to introduce the new product and its main features (i.e. Leica camera) has referred to a professional photographer. Mahmoud Kalary, Iranian photographer, cinematographer and director spent two weeks taking photos with the Leica camera of the new Huawei smartphone and exposed his photos on public show for two days.

In this gallery where ideation and its implementation was completed by the DMN – A Brand Experience Agency, in addition to the photos taken by Mahmoud Kalary advantage was taken from another attractive activity called Augmented Reality. The technology was used to show behind- the- scenes videos of Mahmoud Kalary as well as the promotional video of P10 cell phone. These videos were broadcast at a time when the participants in the gallery put their cell phones in front of the designed cubes. With all of the descriptions, presence of P10 smart phones in the market is a good and attractive event for all those who expect more from their cell phones.

Babak Fayyaz, the Sales Manager of the Huawei brand, speaking about P10 cell phone said the Huawei brand has recently introduced P10 cell phone as the flagbearer of its products in the market. The most important feature of the newly introduced product is its camera — a camera on which the Leica lens has been installed. The same important characteristic has distinguished the cell phone in the market as compared to similar products: A distinction we tried to present to the audience with a different idea.

The best idea was holding a photo gallery of a photographer whose photos have been taken by using the Leica camera. This way we showed to the audience that the camera of P10 cell phone can easily take quality and good photos. It is true that the photos displayed at the Ace Gallery had been taken by Mahmoud Kalary, however he has shown to the audience that with this camera they can take professional photos. The other important point about the cell phone is that its front camera is equipped with Leica lens, a camera which can take high quality selfie photos.

Mahmoud Kalary, the Iranian photographer, cinematographer and director, commenting on his cooperation with Huawei brand says: “Not having a small and easily portable camera had become an important concern for me. I had repeatedly used different cameras but when I saw the P10 cell phone I was curious to take photos with it. I had little time for photography. I like to travel with this camera and take many photos. Photos you see in this gallery are a collection of subjects I had encountered within a short period of time. I should say that taking photos with P10 cell phone camera is easy and it gave me the feeling of owning a professional camera. In order to show the capabilities of the camera I tried to take photos under different conditions such as low and high light, sometimes I went to the bazaar and sometimes I used a simple lighting so that the audience would be further familiarized with characteristics of the product. The technology which is used in this camera provides the audience with the opportunity to take quality photos. Therefore, the audience with whatever level of information about photography can use the camera. It is enough for the audience to know well the camera angle and the subjects. In that case the rest will be accomplished by the camera which will offer a quality photo to the audience. Generally speaking, the P10 cell phone carries a professional camera with itself.