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A Window into the Depths of Qualitative Research in Iran: An EMRC Perspective

The subject of qualitative research in Iran is unknown and most of our economic activists have no idea about it. This has caused Iranian business owners to be devoid of a full understanding of the behavior of their customers and the process of their selection, and for the same reason they are incapable of soundly analyzing the market developments. They are not fully cognizant of the points of sales and are only trying to sell their products at the already identified areas. This is while recognition of the market, understanding of the behavior of the customer and the selection process, and understanding of the spirit and vision of the customers are among important points towards which the Iranian businesses should have a more profound vision.

The most important reason for this situation is that the Iranian market is not competitive. Nevertheless, the entry of new competitors into the Iranian market has blown a fresh life into rivalry and Iranian businesses now intensely feel the need to collect accurate data and get to know their customers better.

Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC) seeks to respond to this need in the Iranian market and tries to broaden its services in the field of qualitative research for the Iranian businesses through taking quick and accurate moves in the market. The EMRC is taking the initiative at a time that Iranian businesses have not sufficient knowledge about qualitative research and there are just a handful of companies that offer this type of research activities. Moreover, some of the qualitative researches that have been conducted in the Iranian market are those done by foreign research companies. The foreign companies would determine the research method and the Iranian companies would only implement them. When the foreign companies do the data analysis, sometimes problems would surface. If the zero to hundred qualitative research is done by domestic research companies, certainly better results would be achieved.

Businesses in different branches; insurance and banking, producers of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), service companies, pharmaceutical producers, and car manufacturers and importers are intensely in need of qualitative research for their progress and durability in the market and EMRC is in the process of preparing a structure which could better respond to these needs.

dnaunion Asks EMRC to Conduct Qualitative Research

The dnaunion group is the first applicant to request EMRC to conduct qualitative research at an expanded and profound level. The group which offers services to customers in the area of marketing communication and advertising intends to evaluate the type of perspective of those active in this industry in Iran and make an assessment of market expectations in Iran towards the subject of marketing and advertising in the upcoming years though implementing a wide-scale qualitative project. In this regard, twenty in-depth qualitative interviews are currently being conducted with the marketing officials of major Iranian companies.

These companies include domestic activists and foreign companies which offer services in Iran. Some of the companies are among dnaunion customers while some others are not. Their outlook towards the subject of marketing in Ian is among important points that constitute the major component of this research work. In this research, experiences of these companies and the answers gained from these experiences and the differences observed among them will be scrutinized. The report presented by this qualitative research is capable of being executed immediately and will certainly give proper and detailed answers to the questions of the customers.

Iranian Businesses in Need of Qualitative Research

Customers of the present Iranian market feel the need for qualitative research and are after finding answers to their questions. This same issue has caused the customers in different sectors of the market to welcome the measures taken by EMRC. Because, they have recognized the important point that they can have a better and more in-depth understanding of the market trends and developments through qualitative research.

The EMRC, in order to provide an opportunity for its customers to develop a better and more in-depth understanding of the market movements and trends, intends to offer them qualitative and service research and hold four events for several groups of business owners to this end. In these events, different questions raised by the customers will be answered. These events will be organized in an interactive form and in two-sided communication within the framework of group sessions.

These business groups include insurance and banking, car manufacturers and importers, producers in the field of FMCG and pharmaceutical companies. Also in these events several cases which have become operational will be discussed. These are examples which will render significant help to better understanding of the qualitative research by the participants. Along with these cases, the participants can discuss their challenges and issues. The time for holding the events will soon be announced by the EMRC executive team. Therefore, the EMRC will help its customers to have a sound definition of their questions and recognize the depth of their challenges so that the answers obtained out of the questions will be more detailed and sharper.

As a result, the EMRC only by presenting research data intends to expand its services in the field of qualitative research and tries to accompany its customers on the path of market progress and remove their challenges. This long-term cooperation will entail brilliant results for the two sides and will bring deep impacts for future. Therefore, market research should not be regarded as an expense and business owners can save a big amount of money by using them. It should be noted that Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC) in this process will take advantage of the specialized guidelines of Dr. Saeed Nabavian, a senior qualitative researcher.

Presence of Qualitative Research Experts in EMRC

In qualitative research questions and concerns of the applicants are the main issue of the movement. Normally, behind the main questions of the customers, there are other hidden questions and stimulus that the qualitative researcher would discover. The qualitative researcher will help business owners to raise their questions in a better way. Now the EMRC has formed a professional group with the presence of experienced people in order to provide proper responses to the different needs of the market in the field of qualitative research. This professional group intends to give answers to different questions of the customers and applicants of qualitative research.

The main applicants of this service are customers of EMRC who due to the need they feel in this regard will keenly take measures to establish communication. These applicants are active in various fields of the market. Conducting qualitative research is always prompted by the need owners of businesses feel. Each quality research is regulated and then becomes operational on the basis of the size and need of the applicant and the customer. Qualitative research should be tangible and highly applicable. The EMRC, in addition to conducting qualitative research will help customers in implementing the research if demanded by the clients. Because implementation of mechanisms offered in the qualitative research is in need of specialization that should be offered by a professional group.

Communicating with the customers in the area of qualitative research is like the relationship between a doctor and a patient so that after recovery the relationship will not be ceased and will continue. The deeper and longer the relationship between the applicant and the company operating qualitative research the better and more constructive will be the output. That is so because in this regard the mutual understanding between the customer and the company in charge of conducting the qualitative research will become broader. This depth should reach a level that when the customers after passage of several years were still in need of the executive company they could easily rely on the data and take advantage of their consultations.

It must be noted that in a near future, the EMRC will have more news concerning the trend it has adopted in line with qualitative research.