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Exploring Iran’s Unknown with Eshareh Promotional Gift

Promotional gifts are important souvenirs that agencies provide their clients and customers with in the New Year. Agencies try to make these gifts innovative and different from everything in the market. Eshareh Advertising Agency has also designed and contributed a variety of promotional New Year’s best wishes gifts. This agency’s promotional gift is a familiar one for all customers through which they have been tracking their travel path over the years.

Naghmeh Flor Zabihi, Eshareh Agency’s Creative Director explained about this Nowruz gift: “Nowruz is the season to travel — the season when many of our fellow citizens pack their luggage and plan to visit spectacular sites.

“Meanwhile, our country has so many unknown attractions and places visiting which is worthwhile. To start a journey, people usually need a map and a guide, which has changed in forms nowadays and the digital versions, etc. are often used: Versions which are different from the old paper ones and merely illustrate the roadmaps. This very matter shaped Eshareh’s promotional gift idea based on which we decided to design a different map that not only shows the paths, but also identifies the less known and less visited places. For example, the underground city of Nooshabad in Kashan is one of the historical and beautiful places very few people visit and we have displayed it on the map.

“To identify these places, our team has used the help and guide of the experts and Iran tourists. It was also important to us that the designed map be as stunning as an art work to the audience.

“The size of the map was such that we had to print it on fabric. The agency-led plan was not limited to this phase. The group decided to make the game more appealing on Instagram with gamification and to show the information of the country’s spectacular places to the audience.”

Zabihi said Eshareh Advertising Agency is trying to implement a new and updated approach to its promotional gifts every year. “In the last few years, the world has entered the digital era, and this has involved everyone. Accordingly, our promotional gift, while having a traditional look, is tailored to the requirements of the day and can be used by the audience through social networks as well.”

About the Nowruz gift package, Zabihi said that for packaging of the Nowruz gift, too much time and care have been taken. “We tried to take a part of the map of Iran, which all our compatriots have a special interest in, on the package. On the pack, a picture of the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea has been exhibited. In addition, picking a name for this promotional gift was also interesting. We reviewed many names for the gift and eventually decided to choose a familiar word. A word our readers would call their country whenever they want to. As a result “My Iran” was picked as the theme for the promotional gift package.”

In the end, I must say that considering the interest of all our compatriots in Iran, the package has been warmly welcomed and we have received good feedback.