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Illumination of dnaunionStars at the Yearend Celebration

Nowruz (New Year) has blown a new life into the dnaunion group: A breeze whose freshness which inspired a pleasant feeling and accompanied the group members in holding a traditional ritual: A traditional event that is celebrated every year and is marked by special ceremonies so that everyone is eager to attend.

This year too, dnaunion group members gathered together in an environment away from the workplace and talked about the fascinating events held on the same occasion in past years. They talked about events that recalled sweet memories. Such an environment brought more sincerity into the event as it coincides with the beautiful spring season.

The celebration of the end of the year, organized by the happyunion group, like every year, was cheerful. During the celebration, members of the group had prepared various programs. The programs that were performed collectively and all the participants were the stars of the event: The stars that are part of the galaxy and the illumination of each of them makes the group shine. Thus the New Year began for the dnaunion group: A new year which will mark the launch of more activities for the group: Activities that it is hoped to be successful in their achievements.