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An In-depth Look at Iran’s Milk Market

Fitzy Funzy Markets Baby Carrots in Iran With Help of 1001 Branding Agency

Just a few years ago, there were no baby carrots in the Iranian market. Although the need for such products which served as tasty snacks in the market was felt by many Iranians.

Kaaqazyian from Fitzy Funzy says, “About six years ago, I was talking on the phone with a friend living abroad about the many health benefits of baby carrots and the lack of healthy tasty snacks in Iran’s market. Soon after that conversation, we started to scan and inspect the Iranian market and eventually came to the conclusion that there was no such thing as baby carrots available in the Iranian market. After a thorough research of Iranian agricultural and climatic potentials, we reached the conclusion that baby carrots can, in fact, be grown in Iran. Considering Iran’s many different climates, it can be grown continually in different regions, no matter what time of the year. Since the needed machinery and equipment were not yet available in Iran, in order to acquire the required machinery to harvest baby carrots, we started negotiating with numerous companies, and finally, we settled on an agreement with a multinational firm.

“During the research phase and while holding talks for acquiring the essential machinery, we started the process of branding our product. Numerous branding studios, agencies, and companies were consulted for the branding project, yet 1001 Branding Agency was the branding agency that brought forward the most promising proposal,” Kaaqazyian added.

The founders of Fitzy Funzy are all educated in marketing and finance and they all are well aware of the positive impact that good branding can have on the marketing and the sales of a product; therefore the branding process started in the initial steps of establishing the brand and well before the product was released.

One of the crucial steps in branding is choosing a suitable name for the brand. The brand’s name can play a vital role in marketing, the sales of the product, and connecting with the consumers, as well as the brand’s tagline, the color palette, and the visual identity. 

“The branding process and the preparation for the launch of the product were going on simultaneously; our collaboration with 1001 Branding Agency was worthwhile and fruitful. It was time well spent. Although there were some obstacles along the way, we overcame them by the assistance and cooperation of 1001 Branding Agency and its thoughtful, kind-hearted, hard-working people.  Much to our delight, our cooperation with 1001 Branding Agency was highly pleasant and we are looking forward to many more rewarding cooperations with 1001 Branding Agency to come,” Kaaqazyian remarked.

Overall the product was very well-favored among the consumers, and though it was only released and distributed in Tehran, demand for distribution in other cities of Iran is fairly high, However the distribution was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Fitzy Funzy carrots were intended to be healthy snacks and one of the most suitable places for such products is schools. And with the closing of schools, although we had held samplings of the products in several schools, our plans for distributing our product among the students and schoolchildren were interrupted. Coupled with the unstable economic situation in Iran, which surely has greatly impacted consumer behavior, the production has, unfortunately, been slowed down,” Kaaqazyian explained.

Ramin Raoufi, the brand designer for Fitzy Funzy, explained, ”Baby carrot as a healthy snack is a product with a peculiar target audience. It appeals to consumers who prioritize health benefits, consumers who wish to eat healthy foods even as their midday snacks. So we came up with two words which we thought our target audience favored: ‘fit’ and ‘fun’. Along with the postposition “Zy” which echoes the verb “Zi” in Farsi, meaning “live”, we came up with the name ‘Fitzy Funzy’. Thus, in a way, our brand’s name tells our consumers to ‘live fit, live fun’. Fitzy Funzy offers a healthy alternative to the unhealthy snacks that have long dominated the market.”

“The healthy and refreshing characteristics of our product were reflected throughout our visual identity, all resounding the refreshing nature of our tasty vegetable snacks. We used packaging in the shape of a carrot, which was an exhilarating twist on our premise of a healthy yet fun and enjoyable vegetable snack,” Raoufi stated.

“In the brand’s tagline, we highlighted the product’s role as a healthy snack. After careful speculation, we decided to settle on the tagline ‘a right snack’, which puts Fitzy Funzy baby carrots in juxtaposition with other unhealthy snacks dominating the market. By the recommendation of Fitzy Funzy’s executives, we came up with two delighting characters, one Fitzy and the other Funzy, that one represents a very fit and sporty character and the other is an easy-going, fun-having, and easy-spirited persona.”