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The Good Sense of a Good Work: dnaunion

The effect of a good job remains for a long time. Now, if this is done well, collectively and organizationally, its effects on the performance of the staff will be revealed and they will be more motivated to work.

Members of the dnaunion group of companies have, at various points, not spared any efforts to help their compatriots and have tried to fulfill their social responsibility to the community around them. Recently, the group extended their material and moral support for the quake-stricken province of Kermanshah. The quake that shook Kermanshah also hurt the soul of the entire Iranian nation.

After the incident, the dnaunion group was quick to extend its donations to the people of Kermanshah through the “Mehrabaneh” charity. Donations that gave the staff a good sense to remember. The Mehrabaneh charity has implemented several good-wish campaigns in Kermanshah: Campaigns like “20 columns”, aimed at providing 20 earthquake resistant structures for women heads of households and the disabled. In addition, the said Institute has donated containers for sheltering the quake-hit people.

dnaunion group too has contributed to the costs of the campaigns and projects. This policy has been endorsed as a long term plan at the dnaunion group and will continue to be applied.

Meanwhile, the charity group has sent a plaque of honor to the dnaunion and appreciated its sincere cooperation,