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Sommayeh, Introduction of New Product - Eshareh

Ladan Talaei: A Different Presence in Chain Stores

I think there is hardly anyone who may have gone to a chain store for shopping and not attracted by the new stands of Ladan Talaei (Golden Ladan) cooking oil.

Kasra Saberi, Project Manager of designing Ladan Talaei stands says: “Behshahr Industrial Company with Ladan and Bahar brands is a market leader. But Ladan Talaei as the flag bearer of the company and with a different quality is considered a great development in Iran’s cooking oil market.

“Behshahr Industrial Company has recently made changes in its Ladan Talaei product. Its package has become narrower and more flat packing and while facilitating holding of the product, contains more oil in it. The bottle of the oil has been equipped with a handle for easier use, while the large opening of the container makes pouring easier.

“It should be noted that the two teasers for publicizing this new product have been prepared in Eshared Company. Of course publicity about the product in addition to the teasers has been done through brochures. Tolou Pakhsh Aftab Company which is the distributor of Behshahr Industrial Company products (independent of the marketing unit) is in charge of supplying Ladan Talaei to the market.

“After airing the TV teasers, Tolou Pakhsh Aftab Company intended to launch some extensive publicity at the sales points where the product is offered. This is the first time that Ladan cooking oil initiates promotional activity in the stores at such level. The objective of this measure was to attract the attention of the consumer at the point of sale.

“We began to enforce the idea with the Atelier Team and the production unit. In an effort to make this product special, we considered special structures to be installed in the chain stores. We branded the podiums and gondolas with the prototypes of Ladan Talaei from the two sides. Also, rotating stands with big prototypes of the oil bottle were prepared and these products were installed in all branches of Hyper Star, Hyper ME, Refah and Shahrvand stores in Tehran and the provinces. The installation operations started from August and still continue.

“The customers have shown great interest in the stands offering the new Ladan Talaei product and this has highly improved the sales record. The main message of Ladan Talaei to the consumer was that the brand is moving in accordance with the demands of the people and attaches great importance to the quality.”