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Ladan Talaei: A Different Presence in Chain Stores

When your voice narrates life

Writing news is an exciting job to do, writing about unknown happenings. But sometimes we do not just write news, we narrate a feeling, sense of living.

DMN stuff is busy. They are preparing everything for the event. Blowing purple balloons, preparing Hope for Children Campaign scale models, everyone is busy. People are sitting near stand waiting for campaign to begin…

Kave Ebrahimi said, “Samsung Electronics focuses on social responsibilities in every country where the company represents its products. Every January, Samsung chooses a company to represent its social activities to plan a Pitch. This year, DMN Company was chosen in Iran. “

Samsung has social responsibility project in Iran named Hope for Children campaign. Also, there are other campaigns: Audio Library campaign in 12 cities, Smart School in 13 schools of poor districts of Tehran Province, and Samsung Engineering Academy which was founded last year with support of Technical & Vocational Training Organization. The academy founded in Bahman Square of Tehran to teach Technical & Vocational Training Organization students how to repair Samsung phones. The academy is free and students get international license when they pass courses.

Samsung negotiates with governmental organizations and plan the social activities based on that information. For example, Samsung has cooperated with Welfare for Audio Library project, cooperated with Ministry of Education for Smart School project, and cooperated with Technical & Vocational Training Organization for academy project.

In narrating library campaign, they inform people to record their voice for blind kids. In fact, people cooperate with Samsung to reach the goal. They have a plan to gather in a park every week. And for the first time, they gathered in Honarmandan Park to test if the plan is functional. This Campaign will formally begin by broadcasting an advertisement. Samsung will ask people to register through website or application to participate in sound recording. They will narrate stories for kids. Previously, famous people narrate a story and record their voice for Samsung campaign.

Developing cooperation Manager of Samsung, Alireaza Omidvar, said, “In Smart School project which is Future Class campaign, we replace tablet instead of book for learning. We represented programming campaign for 1 million Iranian students. Now we are going to develop this campaign to non-smart schools.”

Omidvar added, “Our record of registration, number of students and graduated students in Engineering Academy are top grade in Asia. Girls, disabled and child labor have bigger share in the campaign.”

Voice recording for Hope for Children campaign was planned just in Iran. Therefore, the feedback was inspiring for Samsung Electronics to repeat the campaign in other countries too.