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Life Is Yours, Inspire Your World!

Perhaps the world is not as large as we expect; again perhaps things are not that hard… as much as extending the hand, aspiring from the bottom of one’s heart and running at highest speed to gain, as much as being inspired by the flapping of a small bird’s wings, and a day which starts with a Nescafe for a champion…

Magnolia has been busy these days with the Inspiration Campaign, that definitely many people have seen its video in Aparat or the Instagram page of Iran Nescafe.

Customer Services Director of Magnolia, Arash Afshin, explains the story about the project from the beginning: “Magnolia has won the Nescafe campaign in a pitch. This pitch had been held among a number of large and well-known companies on the basis of highly professional rules and in coordination with international regulations.

“The issue was holding ‘My Inspiration’ campaign in the Iranian market for Nescafe My Cup 3 In 1. He ‘My Inspiration’ campaign had previously been held in some Persian Gulf countries bearing good results. These results encouraged Nescafe to try to repeat the experience in Iran. Therefore, the main idea and objectives of the campaign were clear in advance but like any other idea it needed indigenization in accordance with the culture of our society.

“Our important challenge at this stage was the digital nature of campaign. At the world level, the campaign had used all the digital grounds but in Iran the possibility of using some of these channels did not exist. For this reason, the initial idea i.e. creation of a central platform for demonstrating all the contents which appeared on different social networks with the campaign hashtags was eliminated. Therefore in addition to Instagram, the only authorized social network, we looked for Aparat and used it as the first platform. We tried to focus on high quality production and eliminate the problem of communication channels through this advantage.

“In ‘My Inspiration’ Campaign, Nescafe had tried to share achievements of the ordinary people with their peers and convey the message that everyone could be inspiring. Our cultural differences and beliefs made us to go, with small changes in the campaign, for champions who were neither celebrities nor the unknowns. Due to the confidence most people have in offline media, in addition to digital media we used environmental and print media as well.”

Project manager of the campaign, Ladan Borhani, says: “The audience of this campaign is young people ranging from 18 to 25 years of age who have either entered the university recently or have been graduated and intend to enter the labor market. This group of the audience, while gaining access to a series of new freedoms in life, has some fears and still do not know what they expect from life; as if fear and doubt is part of their lives.

“With the slogan ‘Everything Starts with a Nescafe’ as an energetic drink suitable for refreshment, Nescafe wants to be with these people. An event which is obvious in the video introducing the campaign; the young personage of the Nescafe video spends joyful moments with his friends after one day of work by drinking a cup of Nescafe.

“As you know, tea is the major drink of Iranians and due to the low consumption of coffee and Nescafe in Iran, Nescafe wanted to penetrate among members of this age group and share their concerns through an emotional campaign and make a strong and lasting image in the mind of this group of audience; in other words, to turn into the selected drink of this age group.

“The main target of the campaign was sharing inspiring stories of the people. At the beginning of the work, we received a video from Nescafe on the campaign and after translation we made some changes in it in proportion with Iran’s conditions. At this stage, based on the strategy of the campaign we had to select four people as role models; people who have become successful as result of their efforts and are known in the area of their activities. With regard to the age and interest of the audience, we started the search in the field of sport and exciting activities.

“Ardeshir Govanlopoor member of Iran’s national inline aggressive skate team, Marjan Kalhor Iranian alpine skier and the first Iranian female flag bearer in 2010 Winter Olympics, Mehdi Azizi the record holder of deep diving in the Mediterranean Sea and two carpenter girls, Negin Nassiri and Shaqayeq Jahanbani: ordinary people with strong resolve. Short films were made and they talked about their lives, their fears and their achievements in front of the camera.

“Apart from being successful, these people had to be active in the social networks and work as an auxiliary arm of the campaign and these four people had this characteristics. The videos have been watched repeatedly and the video of the carpenter girls so far had been seen/watched about 200,000 times in Telegram, over 24,000 times in Aparat and repeatedly in other social networks.

“Because of the length of the campaign and creation of more charm, we went after the celebrities who have been inspiring for the people and in the first stage we selected Saber Abr, a person whose life is inspiring for many people. Abr, who is very active in Instagram, produces inspiring and energetic contexts which are in conformity with the targets of our campaign. Let me explain about the offline activities of this campaign that except for the videos, our print advertisements are being printed in magazines such as the Ideal Life, Hamshahri-e Javan, Chelcheragh and Sports News. Two billboards have been displayed with the visuals of the skater and the skier in Dizin (one of the largest Iranian ski resorts in the Alborz mountain range, near Tehran and the city of Karaj). A one-minute video is being shown in some cinemas before the film is broadcast which according to statistics has had positive effect on the audience.”

Commenting on the process of selection of “inspiration”, Director of the Creative Team Hamed Khorsand says: “On our way to reach “Inspiration” we had a number of choices and we had to choose a word for which there was a proper hashtag. At last, ‘Inspiration’ was chosen. This word has a high search capability.

“For the slogan, we chose “you too can be a champion” and thereby we wanted to say that championship does not relate to the greatness of the work rather everybody could achieve great achievements by being inspired by small things in their lives and this is not a mere slogan. This slogan has been used in the print advertisements and in Instagram and the hashtag ‘Inspiration’ is always there. In the videos, we tried to lay emphasis on the trend of achievement and Nescafe played any role in the images and only the logo is shown at the end of the video.”

As for Iran Nescafe page, he says: “With this campaign, in fact we opened Iran Nescafe page in Instagram. At the beginning of the work, we shared many posts on this page, which were not related to the ‘Inspiration’ campaign as its age has nothing to do with the age of the campaign and the campaign is an pretext for increasing followers of the page in Instagram.”

Outlining different stages of the campaign, Ladan Borhani says: “After passing through the preliminary stage of the campaign and entering the main stage, we prepared three main visuals for the billboards with regard to the patterns including the skater, the skier and the diver. We started installing billboards with the skater (visual) which was put on display simultaneously with the print advertisement and the Dizin billboard.

“We launched a contest in Instagram which is still continuing; we raised this issue in the competition that the smallest event can be inspiring for achieving success and that sharing it can persuade a group of others to attain achievement. In this way, we asked people to share their stories with us in this respect.

“We tried to alternatively publish three types of posts in this page. The first sample comprises the posts in which we have directly explained the objectives of the competition and are aimed at guiding the audience in the competition. The second sample includes the posts in which the simple inspiring events of the world’s successful people have been depicted and the last sample covers the 15-second campaign videos.

The campaign will continue until late Bahman (February 19) and it will be ready for review on the basis of sound statistics and feedback after that.”

Let’s look at ourselves, stand up and by getting inspirations from the small and big achievements of others and ourselves, seek small excuses for success this very day. We are the champions of our small world…

Arash Afshin: Customer Services Director

Hamed Khorsand: Creative Team Director

Idea Constructor: Ramina Haqiyoun

Project Director: Ladan Borhani

Executive Director: Arash Afshin