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Rouzaneh, White Portion Cheese Launch Campaign – Magnolia

Adventurous Trip of Rouzaneh Cow to Discover Milk Packaging

Recently, the lovely Rouzaneh cow became the primary character of a contest in which the competitors were after discovering a new code of the brand. A code which was solved through a series of contests. This exciting contest and all other extraordinary promotional activities that Rouzaneh brand has released, have been designed and implemented by the Magnolia Advertising Company from the dnaunion group. We talked with Magnolia’s Lian Keshishian, executive director of Rouzaneh Campaign Project, to learn more about its different dimensions.


Tell us about the process of Rouzaneh brand campaign?

Every year, Rouzaneh brand launches campaigns that are planned in line with Rouzaneh brand’s activities. Rouzaneh brand, recognized by Iranian consumers for many years, has been active in the market primarily with cheese product and later with a variety of milk products. During its entire years of activity, Rouzaneh has always produced the same quality and volume products, with its soft and delicate texture and its unique and balanced taste, it is the only cheese produced in the Tetra Pack packaging and is distinct from other existing cheese brands in the market.

Rouzaneh has always had a sincere relationship with customers and it regularly updates itself about the customers’ tastes through research meetings. During these meetings, it was established that Rouzaneh consumers often face a challenge while using Tetra Pack packaged milk, and most of the time, a part of the product remains in the container or is not easily removed.  Such cases led to changes in Rouzaneh’s packaging. Of course, only the packaging design of cheese product has changed, but in the case of milk products, packaging format has also been altered. For a while now, Rouzaneh brand has produced visually similar products, products in blue which always attract customers’ attention on entrance. The most important is Rouzaneh’s cow character, which, with its popular wink is one of the most enduring elements in the mind of dairy product consumers.

In explaining the new packaging of Rouzaneh products, he added: “The packaging of Rouzaneh milk is in the form of a gable.” This form of packaging easily eliminates the previous challenges. Attempt has been made to preserve all the values of Rouzaneh brand identity while making these changes. One of these values is the unique blue color that Rouzaneh consumers know it with. Another element is the popular Rouzaneh cow character. Of course, there have been slight changes in Rouzaneh brand’s logos. The part known as the Milky Line is also added to packaging. Now, Rouzaneh brand is trying to reveal these alterations to the customers through a campaign. A campaign through which the customers are informed that Rouzaneh is the same high quality brand with new packaging. With this approach, Rouzaneh presented a brief in which 25 to 45 of age mothers are the main target audience of the campaign. Hard working mothers who pay attention to their families’ nutrition and health. Mothers who also surf the net throughout the day. It should be noted that digital media, BTL and television have been employed for this campaign.


Please describe the digital section of Rouzaneh Campaign?

Rouzaneh had considered digital space for its campaign. Rouzaneh customers follow the brand’s activities through Instagram and Telegram apps. We chose Instagram to manage all audiences through one single media. So we decided to launch an Instagram adventurous game. The game involves the audience and engages them in the campaign’s story. We tried to make the story of the game a reflection of the Rouzaneh brand’s motto “wink at life.”

The story is in a way that the audiences help Rouzaneh cow to find its way step by step. At the end of each post, the audience is asks a question the answer to which is related to the next post, and the game ends with the awareness of the changes in Rouzaneh new packaging as the result. The winners of the lottery among those who answered the questions correctly were awarded. After this phase, Rouzaneh’s TV ads will also be unveiled. The Instagram contest is, in a way, Rouzaneh campaign’s teasing phase.


Why is a contest designed for this campaign?

As to why we went with a series of serial contest stories, I have to say that this was done based on the campaign’s goal. Our goal was to let the audience know that Rouzaneh packaging was changed without any changes in the nature of the product. During this short time, more than 2000 followers were added to Rouzaneh’s page. So the contest was an appropriate way to get the current audience more involved and attract new audience.