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Magnolia Develops Digital Marketing Campaign for Husky Isotonic Drinks

Iran’s leading food and beverage producer Sunich has enlisted services of Magnolia Advertising Agency to raise customer awareness about its new line of products, Husky Isotonic Drinks.

Magnolia, a member of the dnaunion family, developed and implemented a digital marketing campaign for the sport drink.

Siavash Azadi, creative director at Magnolia Adverting Agency, says, “Husky Isotonic Drinks have all the mineral and nutrients that the body needs. The minerals boost body performance during sport. Due to perspiration while doing sports, the body loses these minerals in turn that curbs body performance. Husky Isotonic Drink fortifies the body against this cycle. Husky Isotonic Drink is fundamentally different from energy drinks. It gives the body the required energy to keep going. The digital marketing campaign focused on these elements.”

He explains that “Husky Isotonic Drinks were pictured as a drink which boost body performance, and increase tenacity.”

According to him, the main concept of the campaign has been “tenacity”. To devise the campaign, Magnolia Advertising Agency experts reviewed other isotonic drinks available in the market and studied the effects of Husky Isotonic Drinks on body.

Increasing brand awareness about Husky Isotonic Drinks, boosting the brand’s followers on Instagram, and improving sales have been among the achievements of the campaign.

from: magnoliaad