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Media Sources Cooperation with Afghan Networks Enters Second Year

Many Iranian brands have a close look at Afghanistan to export their products: A country in the neighborhood of Iran and these days many of its people have become consumers of Iranian brands. This very same important issue has pushed Iranian brands to have massive promotions in Afghanistan: Advertising that the presence of an Iranian company as an interface with the Afghan audio-visual networks will help implement it properly. Media Sources is the only Iranian company representing some of Afghanistan’s television and radio channels, and has been able to facilitate the movement of brands for a two consecutive years to appear in the neighboring country. Electro Steel is one of the brands that has partnered with Media Sources and is launching advertisements on Afghan networks.

Commenting on collaboration with Media Sources, R&D Director of Electrosteel Company, Farbod Kaveh says: “Media Sources is a company that has up to date fulfilled its commitments and this has led to a sincere partnership between us. Because of high administrative corruption in Afghanistan, the risk of advertising is high and one cannot rely on fulfillment of obligations by various networks in the country. But Media Sources has facilitated this course and provided assurances to Electrosteel concerning advertising in Afghanistan. I can say that were it not for the presence of this company in Iran, we would never decide to advertise in Afghanistan.”

Kaveh added that Afghanistan has stabilized after some years of prolonged internal wars. It has a population of about thirty million, a population whose patterns of consumption have changed and they are tending to preserve foodstuff. Therefore, this country has become a widespread market for Electrosteel: A market where the question of pricing enjoys a great deal of importance because customers are after low-cost goods. As a result, we need to carefully examine this pristine market.


Consumer Media Behavior in Afghanistan

Commenting on the consumers’ media behavior in Afghanistan, Kaveh said: “In order to sell products in Afghanistan you require advertising. For advertising you need to go to the most popular media drawing the highest attention. The TV continues to have a high status for the people in Afghanistan. Due to their entertaining programs on their TVs the people do not need to use other media. Of course, it is also important to note that the government of Afghanistan, unlike some other countries, is ahead of the people’s demands and has been able to broadcast their favorite programs. Private TVs, like Tolo News and Tolo TV, are also popular along with state TV channels. However, the situation in Afghanistan is still critical and various ethnicities take advantage of various media as a source of information: Media, each of which has its own audience and can be used for advertising. The Electrosteel brand has also taken this opportunity to start advertising in Afghanistan. Of course, information and data about the results of these ads are still not available and we cannot speak about the effectiveness of advertising and its impact on sales.”

Kaveh concluded by saying that exports to Afghanistan or any other country will strengthen Iranian brands. It’s like a sporting competition, a sport that an athlete needs to have more exercises when entering a global stage. In exports, weaknesses in brands are revealed. In these circumstances, in addition to value, brands are faced with a wider audience. As a result, with accurate planning, you can get a percentage of constant sales and produce and deliver products tailored to this country for consumers.”


Second Year of Media Sources Cooperation with Afghan Networks

Media Sources Iran Branch Director Mehdi Hatefi, said Media Sources, after a breakthrough last year, entered the second year of cooperation with some Afghan audio-visual networks. In fact, both Afghan companies and networks, due to good cooperation, wanted to renew their agreement in the New Year.

He said more than 20 small and big brands have exploited this cooperation and their advertising routes have become smoother in Afghanistan. Also, Media Sources is recognized as the only company represented by two popular TV networks (Tolo TV and Tolo News). In addition, he said, our company, represents the network of Arman and the most sophisticated network of Lemar and Radio Arakozia (both in Pashtun languages) in Afghanistan. All data and information about the figures on viewers of this network have been prepared and updated by Counter Media and Iranian brands can safely invest in advertising on these networks.

In conclusion, Hatefi said: “The presence of an official representative for brands has numerous benefits, for example, ease of payment.” On the other hand, brands can get even more accurate performance reports. The absence of a collaborative agency has caused some people to confuse brands with wrong guidance. Brands also sometimes encounter rules when cooperating with overseas networks. This lack of information has caused their cooperation to be difficult. Now, if the agency has detailed information about these rules, it will prevent many problems. Also, working with an Iranian agency will help brands use better services: Services that will surely have a positive impact on them. Anyway, Iranian agencies are aware of the type of activities and products of brands, and they can get better guidance through this familiarity.